Caprah called out for using transphobic slur on stream cover image

Caprah called out for using transphobic slur on stream

Apex Legends player Caprah is getting called out for dropping a transphobic slur live on stream.

Controversial Apex Legends player Jaeden "Caprah" Valle finds himself at the center of another social media storm. He was called out for using a transphobic slur live on stream, the second time he's faced similar allegations. The Apex Legends LGBTQIA+ community called him out again for repeating this behavior after claiming to have "reformed" himself.

This moment might just be the nail in the coffin for Caprah's Apex Legends career. He was widely regarded among the most talented up-and-coming players within the Apex Legends community. However, he had a notorious reputation for problematic behavior.

Multiple Apex Legends pros vouched for him, citing his age — he's 17. Plenty of them acknowledged this behavior isn't new. They approached him and tried to talk some sense into him. Earlier this year, his Discord chats with Lewda were leaked wherein he used homophobic language towards Sikezz. The incident led to him dropping out of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Playoffs. Sikezz was among the players who tried to give him another chance after another similar incident.

Caprah used a slur on stream after losing a fight

Caprah lost his cool after losing a team fight against a squad. He then proceeded to immediately drop a transphobic slur towards a member of the squad that defeated him. X user @Ideas_xo caught this on Caprah's stream and posted a clip on the social media platform, calling him out. The post has since amassed over a million views.

His former teammates are now looking to replace him

It didn't take long for Caprah's teammates to take action on the incident. Just a few hours after he got called out, Avexys made a post announcing they're looking for a third player to main Horizon. Both his teammates were mentioned in the post calling out Caprah. Avexys and Ant are his former teammates and appear exasperated with his behavior. The community commended his teammates for their quick decision.

Caprah has deactivated all his socials

Screenshot of the player's account (Image via X)
Screenshot of the player's account (Image via X)

It appears Caprah himself is aware of the storm that awaits him. He deleted his Twitter account and hasn't streamed on Twitch since.

This isn't the first time Caprah has landed himself in such muddy waters. When the Discord incident happened, Caprah claimed he "won't play competitive Apex ever again." However, he joined team SCS a few months ago.

Caprah's Twitch profile also called out

(Images via X and caprah_ on Twitch)
(Images via X and caprah_ on Twitch)

After the incidents, some Twitter users also called out Caprah for his transphobic "About" section, featuring a screenshot of a person issuing him a death threat alongside the text "Why does it matter? You don't even know your gender...?"

Most of the Apex Legends community is in agreement that he's used up all of his goodwill. Pro players that vouched for him are also getting called out for giving him so many chances.

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