Battlefy strikes again.

BLEED Esports are entering Apex Legends, signing SKD Mark. Thee organisation has been in discussions with the team for some time, but confirmation of the news came via Battlefy.

SKD Mark have made a solid start to the ALGS Pro League, sitting in 10th right now. They have a game in hand on the likes of FURIA, Team Liquid and the Pioneers.

This roster is not qualified for the Esports World Cup. Notably, this is the first major organisation to enter Apex Legends for some time where the EWC does not seem to be the driving factor behind the move. However, BLEED Esports did announce a "joint venture" with E8, who are qualified for the competition, last week. It is not clear if this signing is part of that - or what the exact details of that venture are.

Who is the new BLEED Esports Apex roster?

The new BLEED Esports Apex roster features the core of the old OpTic Gaming team. The squad is as follows:

  • Mark "Dropped" Thees
  • Logan "Knoqd" Layou
  • Chase "Shooby" Vasquez
  • Elias "Raven" Ghribi (coach)

This team features a lot of experience, and is one of the many 'sleeper teams' in the North America region. Dropped has been a top level competitor since Apex Legends was released. He has competed for a range of top tier organisations, including the likes of Spacestation Gaming and OpTic Gaming.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Knoqd has also had a very strong history in Apex Legends. A teammate of Dropped at OpTic, he has also had a spell with Cloud9. Both Dropped and Knoqd were part of the team that finished in second place at the ALGS Championship in Birmingham last September. However, OpTic Gaming struggled in Split 1. The organisation chose to depart Apex Legends after missing out on the Split 1 Playoffs.

They lost out to the team that their now coach was working with, TSM. Raven is considered the leading coach in the Apex Legends scene and is a huge addition to this roster. A multi-LAN champion, he left TSM to seek out a new challenge, and will have a huge impact on this roster moving forward.

Perhaps the player he will help guide the most is Shooby. He is relatively inexperienced compared to his teammates, but has made an incredibly quick rise through the ALGS. Joining the BLEED Esports Apex Legends roster is a huge moment in the 21-year-olds competitive journey. He made his LAN debut with E8 at the Split 1 Playoffs in May.

Awaiting official announcement

We are awaiting the official announcement that BLEED Esports have entered Apex Legends. Battlefy is almost always a reliable source of information, with team names getting changed in time for cut off's ahead of this weekends action.

Additionally, can confirm that sources have suggested that this organisation was interested in this roster for some time. During the chaotic and dramatic roster shuffle, E8's Zachmazer highlighted his desire to team with Knoqd was in part down to him having an organisation backing him. It is understood that BLEED Esports is that organisation.

This roster will make their BLEED Esports Apex debut this weekend, when the ALGS Pro League returns. They will be aiming to pass several of the teams ahead of them, and cement a top spot in the North American overall standings.

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