Apex Legends best events – A trip down memory lane cover image

Apex Legends best events – A trip down memory lane

Apex Legends has had countless events throughout its years. So, join us down memory lane and visit some of Apex’s most iconic events

Apex Legends, believe it or not, is four-years-old already. Throughout these four years, there have been countless events. Some of these events truly cemented themselves in the Apex Legends Events Hall of Fame. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and visit some of the best Apex Legends Events throughout the years.

The Origin of Apex Events, The Legendary Hunt

The Legendary Hunt event was Apex Legends' first theme event. This event lasted two weeks in June 2019, during the first year of the game. The Legendary event was the first of its kind and also introduced the first additional game mode, Apex Elite Queue. The event also brought the first wave of event exclusive skins.

Players were able to earn five different skins by completing challenge rewards. Some of these skins were the Tamed Beast Triple Take or the Night Terror Wraith skin. However, the real hero of the Legendary Hunt Apex Event was the Apex Elite Queue. After placing top five within a normal match, players would unlock Apex Elite queue, which let you queue exclusively with other top five placing players. So essentially, Apex Elite Queue was ranked before ranked was introduced in Season 2.

Apex's Iconic Iron Crown Event

A fan favorite for the majority of older players was Season 2's Iron Crown Event. This event introduced some of the best features in Apex at the time. First was the new POI, Octane's Gauntlet as well as some of the finest collection of skins Apex had seen so far. Truly iconic skins like Pathfinder's War Machine and Wraith's Protector of the Void set. Not to mention the introduction of the second ever Heirloom, Bloodhound's Raven's Bite.

However all this paled in comparison to the game mode of the event. The Iron Crown event introduced arguably the best game mode, or at least what the community believes the best game mode of all time was. Solos mode. Yes, you heard right, Apex once had Solo queue! This game mode became a fan favorite mode overnight.

2019's Holo-Day Bash & Fight or Fright

These next two events, the Holo-Day Bash and Fight or Fright were the first of seasonal events. Around December for the Holo-Day Bash and Halloween for Fight or Fright, these two events consistently appear. Holo-Day bash event graced Apex players with one of the best early aggression POI's, Mirage Voyage as well as the introduction of the Winter Express game mode. The Winter Express game mode was the first of many unique, objective based game modes that would come to the Apex games.

While on the other hand, Fight or Fright gave Apex players the Shadowfall game mode on the spookified Kings Canyon after Dark. This game mode gains tons of popularity for not only a overall fun game mode, but the lore that would follow suit in other Fight or Fright events in the following years. Not to mention the skins that came out during the event, like Bloodhound's Protector of the Patch and Caustic's The Last Laugh.

Chaos Theory

The Chaos theory event was Iconic to say the least. The event came out in March of 2021, during Season 8 of Apex Legends. Themed around Caustic and Bangalore's Heirloom set, the event brought some of the best skins for Revenant and Wattson, in Chaos Conductor and A Gaze Eternal. On top of the skins, the event also introduced the Caustic Treatment POI on Kings Canyon in place of Water Treatment.

But what truly made the Chaos Theory event so eventful was the new game mode, Ring Fury. The game mode was pretty simple. Throughout a normal match, small rings called Ring Flares would spawn in active areas. But to combat this, Heat Shields were introduced. However, there was an audio issue where the volume of the Heat Shields were way too loud and could be heard across the map wherever it was placed. So, the Chaos Theory event became known for having one of the worst bugs in any new game mode.

Apex's events seem to be getting bigger and better with each season. Especially with the new Dressed to Kill event right around the corner. For more Apex content and esports news, stay tuned to esports.gg