Aurora continue ALGS EMEA dominance cover image

Aurora continue ALGS EMEA dominance

A tiebreak win keeps the streak alive.

Aurora continued their unbelievable ALGS Pro League record, with their fourth gameday win of the season. They are in absolutely blistering form and seem a cut above the rest of their region.

It wasn't an easy win for Aurora today however. They were pushed all the way by 2R1C, needing a tiebreaker to snatch first. Aurora are more than qualified for LAN, and still have another set of games and the Regional Finals to play.

Aurora do it again

This team are simply unstoppable this split. The arrival of Hardecki transformed this roster, and they are on the verge of possibly the single greatest Pro League split in ALGS history. When a second place finish is your worst result across five weeks of Pro League, something special is happening.

It seemed like their top two streak was under threat after the first two games. Aurora made a shaky start to the days games, but redeemed themselves on Storm Point.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Aurora are known for their immense team fighting abilities, and they dropped a monster game on Storm Point. Racking up 18 kills, Aurora's game five is one of the best we've seen from them all split. It was this 18 kill win that won them the all important tiebreaker against 2R1C.

2R1C were almost able to snatch the win, taking a fight against Aurora in the final game. While 2R1C did manage to kill Aurora, they were whittled down to a final player leaving them unable to grab the final point they needed to take first.

Are Aurora the best chance EMEA has ever had to win a LAN?

There isn't much left to say about this Aurora team after so many weeks of dominance. From the ability to adapt to Season 20, their innovation with Lifeline and their fighting prowess this roster seems to have everything going for them.

They will be the team to fear at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, but locking down their preferred drop spots and adapting to the playstyles of the other three regions will be a big test for this team. For EMEA however, this Aurora team feels like the best chance the region has ever had at bringing a LAN title back to Europe.

Can they replicate their performances across the online season, on the biggest stage the ALGS has to offer?

The days top five:

  • Aurora - 70
  • 2R1C - 70
  • OMiT - 60
  • PassionUA - 45
  • The Forge - 45

Group A left watching on

For Group A, today concludes their regular Pro League campaign. Element 6, 2R1C, o7 and The Full English are some of the regions heaviest hitters, and they are all left watching on tomorrow to see what situation they will find themselves in heading into Regional Finals.

The Full English had a mixed day. The all English squad picked up a fantastic win on Worlds Edge, but struggled to make a mark beyond that. They had two poor zones on Worlds Edge, and then failed to win any of their 3 contests against OMiT on Storm Point.

While they have climbed above a few teams who didn't play today, they will be relying on a fantastic Regional Finals performance to qualify for LAN. They sit in 12th, 8 points shy of 8th position.

Truthfully, anything less than a win next Sunday will leave them at major risk of not qualifying.

Last dance for 40%Worse

Today officially ends 40%Worse's Pro League campaign, and their time together as a team. Mande had already announced that this weekend would be his last competing in Apex Legends. While they are a fan favourite, 40%Worse have struggled across the Pro League.

A team formed for fun, and with limited practice due to ShivFPS's injured thumbs, 40%Worse have always been major underdogs in the Pro League. They have been able to express themselves, with Mande often seen on Pathfinder. The team even trialled Gibraltar, Mande's legend of choice back on SCARZ.

It is always a shame to see a popular team, and a popular player step away from competition. What Xerrifer and Shiv do from here is not certain, but for Mande this might be the last time we ever see him compete. He admitted on stream if a top team offered him a spot, he'd turn it down. This time he seems retired for good.

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