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Are Apex Legends servers down?

Are Apex Legends servers down? Here’s how to find out as quickly as possible so you can jump into another game.

Apex Legends is a battle royale played online with friends, so connection issues and buggy servers can really have a major impact on the gameplay experience. Apex Legends is played on servers that are usually pretty reliable but sometimes players find themselves unable to get into a match. Here's how you can tell if Apex Legends servers are down.

If you're having connection issues, here's how to check Apex's server status.

Apex Legends official social media

The first way to check is Apex Legends' official Twitter account. This account is run by Respawn Entertainment and is constantly updated when anything of importance takes place in-game. If the server issue is only in a small area, however, it may not get mentioned on their social media accounts.

Third-party server detection sites

Down Detector is a third-party site that keeps track of online games' servers, including Apex Legends. Here, you can check out issues that have already been reported by other gamers in the community. There's even a chart that shows outage report data so you can get a better understanding of the game's recent server history.

Apex Legends Status is a site dedicated to tracking Apex Legends' server issues. You'll get up-to-date information on each platform's status and updates. Apex Legends Status also keeps track of legend pick rates and other useful information.

What do I do if Apex Legends servers are down

If nobody else seems to be reporting issues with Apex Legend's servers, it could be an entirely different network issue. Check to see if there's any issue with the console you're playing on — Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam, Origin... You may also need to restart your WiFi if you keep running into issues so check if your other devices are also having network problems.