Take a look at Apex Legend’s new cosmetics. Includes skins, all new weapon guns and banner frames in a stunning array of colours.

Apex’s Dark Depths collection event is here! Let’s dive in and discuss the esports.gg team’s top 5 favourite items from this exclusive event.

From January 11th to February 1st Apex will host new flash events, an exciting new arenas map and shiny new Apex skins. This features 40 new cosmetic items.

The Dark Depths packs are available in the store for 400 in game coins. Players are guaranteed a non-duplicate item. These items are unlockable in the standard Apex pack pool of items available to all players.

In addition, crafting materials can be used to claim items.

Prize tracker for Dark Depths event
Dark Depths prize tracker

Commencing the 18th to the 25th of January, get your hands on a free Dark Depths pack where you are guaranteed to unlock a new cosmetic item. This is achieved by completing an in-game challenge. Rewards can include a weapon skin or charm, banner frame, trackers, or a new glossy skin for your favourite Legend.

The development and design team have outdone themselves this season, and here we will highlight our favourite cosmetics from Dark Depths!

Lifeline’s ‘My Wave’ R99

First off, we have the contrast in colours for this R99. Many would agree the R99 is one of the most sought after guns, and the speedy rate of fire suits the bold colours of the Siren Song skin. The blues and purples match Lifeline’s new uniform skin but this exclusive gun modification can also be bought separate from the whole bundle!

R99 skin

The Spitfire Sea Stalker

The new Spitfire skin uses Deep Depth inspiration from a model of a deep sea shark and showcases beautiful colours of purple, blue and gold. A shark suits the aggressive nature of the Spitfire and I enjoy the work that has gone into this! With any luck, the Spitfire will be released from the grip of care package only soon and back into the wild.

New Spitfire Skin

Fuse’s Broseidon skin

God of the sea and battlefield, Fuse shows off this majestic skin only he is worthy of. Fuse’s outfit is without a doubt, the collective favourite. Reddit and other social media platforms have been inundated with new fanarts and displays of affection for the love being given to Fuse. Plus, with the addition of the new Sea Stalker Spitfire, Fuse’s new outfit can be accessorised to look that extra bit regal.

Broseidon Dark Depths Apex event skin
Fuse looking glorious with the Broseidon bundle

Feelin’ Koi Rampart skin

Time to bring the party as Rampart finally receives an artistic, visually-appealing Koi inspired-skin. Instantly, I am a big fan of the stylish shoes which are Rampart’s bold and confident style. The orange and blue with sections of purple contrast against each other to really make this skin stand out from the rest. It makes a difference in comparison to the purples and pinks being used frequently in this cosmetic collection.

Dark Depth event Skins - Feelin' Koi Rampart Skin
Rampart’s orange and a many shades of blue skin.

Horizon’s Inked and Infused Volt skin

Inked and Infused screams coral reef vibes and is a part of Horizon’s pink, blue and purple bundle. However, this eye catching design colour co-ordinates with many of the new Apex skins in the collection pack – Pick and mix as you please!

Horizon Inked and Infused Volt Apex Skin
Another beautiful skin for the Volt

All cosmetic items and Apex skins within the Dark Depths

Note – All items are available in Dark Depth packs! (400 coins)

Legendary uniform Apex skins

  • Broseidon – Fuse skin – 1,800 coins or 2,400 crafting materials
  • Denizen of the Deep – Ash skin – 1,800 coins or 2,400 crafting materials
  • My Wave – Lifeline skin – 2,400 crafting materials
  • Overfloater – Horizon skin – 2,400 crafting materials

Legendary weapon Apex Skins

  • Barnacle Buster – 2,400 crafting materials
  • Inked and Infused – 2,400 crafting materials
  • Sea stalker – 2,400 crafting materials
  • Sirens Song – 2,400 crafting materials

Epic uniform skins

  • Barracuda – Caustic skin – 800 crafting materials
  • Bioluminescence – Loba skin – crafting materials
  • Feeling Koi – Rampart skin – 800 crafting materials
  • Sea streak – Octane skin – 800 crafting materials

Epic charms

  • Barnacled – 800 crafting materials
  • Bombs away! – 800 crafting materials
  • Luminous Lanyard – 800 crafting materials
  • What’s Kraken! – 800 crafting materials

Epic banners

  • Canopy Camouflage – Ash – 800 crafting materials
  • Clever Girl – Fuse – 800 crafting materials
  • Head on a swivel – Lifeline – 800 crafting materials
  • Tropical menagerie – Horizon – 800 crafting materials
  • Ensnared Escape – Horizon – 800 crafting materials
  • Explosive Depth – Fuse – 800 crafting materials
  • Pincer Manoeuvre – Ash – 800 crafting materials
  • Tailed Reflections – LIfeline – 800 crafting materials

Rare banners

  • Descale – Loba – 120 crafting materials
  • Grand Maw – Octane – 120 crafting materials
  • Koi – Rampart – 120 crafting materials
  • Ocean’s Deep – Caustic – 120 crafting materials

Rare trackers

  • Arc snare: Enemies tethered – Ash – 120 crafting materials
  • D.O.C Drone: Healing – Lifeline – 120 crafting materials
  • Damage done as Ash – Ash – 120 crafting materials
  • Damage done as Fuse – Fuse – 120 crafting materials
  • Damage done as Horizon – Horizon – 120 crafting materials
  • Damage done as Lifeline – Lifeline – 120 crafting materials
  • Gravity life: Teammates lifted – Horizon – 120 crafting materials
  • Kills as Ash – Ash – 120 crafting materials
  • Kills as Fuse – Fuse – 120 crafting materials
  • Kills as Horizon – Horizon – 120 crafting materials
  • Kills as Lifeline – Lifeline – 120 crafting materials
  • Knuckle Cluster: Total Hits – Fuse – 120 crafting materials

To conclude, the Dark Depths collection event has a great set of Apex skins and rewards. Check out the new event NOW on PC or console.

Check out the new event HERE
Check out the new arenas map by clicking here!
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