If you love leaks and you’re a fan of Apex Legends, this article is for you as it seems a huge chunk of the upcoming new content has been leaked.

A leak here or there can drive buzz but today a huge leak – not the scale of Twitch‘s but still – has led to what looks like the majority of the Season 11 content being exposed. The Apex Season 11 leaks include gameplay of Ash, the new map “StormPoint” and the BattlePass.

Official information – What Respawn told us

Season 11 is coming on November 2nd, and the buzz has already started to build. Respawn Entertainment have confirmed the newest legend will be Ash, who you might recognise as the face and voice of Apex Arenas.

The launch trailer for Season 11: Escape premiered on October 21st, and sees the cast of the Battle Royale go head to head on a new tropical island. The tropical island which is codenamed “Habitat X” to be the new map coming in Season 11. Outside of a new legend and a new map, Respawn Entertainment also posted on their website that Season 11’s new weapon will be the C.A.R. SMG.

apex season 11 new weapon the C.A.R. SMG

Apex Season 11 leaks – What the data miners have discovered

It seems a season can’t go by without leaks regarding upcoming content. While these leaks have typically been legend related, a major Season 11 leak today appears to show all the new content fans can expect.

Ash’s abilities: (according to Apex Apex Season 11 leaks)

  • Marked for Death (passive): Ash’s map shows the location of recent deathboxes. Ash can also interact with a deathbox to “mark surviving attackers”.
  • Arc Snare (Tactical Ability): Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.
  • Phase Breach (Ultimate): Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.
We can see Ash use a portal to strike in the official trailer for Season 11 from Respawn Entertainment

This ability list leaked lines up pretty well with what was leaked earlier in the week and with the official trailer for Season 11. In the trailer we see Ash use what appears to be Phrase Breach on the bridge near the end of the trailer. She also uses what looks like a tactical ability to immobilise Caustic (below).

Ash’s ability in the official trailer looks very much like the Arc Snare tactical ability leaked

Respawn Entertainment have not confirmed Ash’s abilities aside from showing her in action in the trailer. Most likely the leaks will very close to the real deal.

New Map: StormPoint

The new tropical map which some believed to be called Tropics will be called StormPoint according to multiple data miners. Proof of the name was shared by data miner Shrugtal on his Twitter.

YouTuber autismgaming420 leaked video footage of both of the new map and Ash gameplay. Autismgaming420 shared the leaked video through a video description on his YouTube. The video has since been uploaded on multiple YouTube channels.

From the leaked footage we can see StormPoint looks about the same size as Olympus, and significantly smaller than King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. There are also live beasts roaming the lands, similar to those killable as part of the Bloodhound’s Trials area on World’s Edge.

The leaked footage shows speed ramps which fire players who pass through them

Visible in the footage are also green speed ramps which would make movement far more fluid than having to upscale a jump tower like on other maps.

apex season 11 leaks
A new skin for Gilbraltar according to the Apex Season 11 leaks

New BattlePass (according to Apex Season 11 leaks)

The upcoming BattlePass was also part of the Apex Legends Season 11 leaks. Nothing too crazy here. IThe mid-air emote for Valkyrie and a new skin for Gilbraltar (above) are the standouts. The highest level rewards are two legendary skins for the Prowler.

We will keep you posted on whether Respawn Entertainments confirms any the Apex Legends Season 11 leaks. For now all we can do is wait for November 2nd.

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