Apex Rising is open for sign ups. If you want to play or cast, now is the chance.

The second edition of Apex Rising is just around the corner. The event will once again be open to anyone to play, and sign ups are now open.

Apex Rising will raise money for (RED), hoping to build on the over $300k raised back in April 2023. Big names such as ImperialHal and Verhulst are set to compete with more to be announced over the coming weeks.

We have full details of how the event will work, how you can apply to play and most importantly how you can donate to the event.

When is Apex Rising taking place?

Apex Rising will be a two day event on December 14 and December 15. It will feature 40 teams, in a single elimination format competition.

There will be two groups of 20 teams, with 10 teams advancing from the Group Stage to the Match Point finals on December 15.

The format for finals may change, depending on feedback from players. The last iteration of the event was rather long, and Falloutt and the team are keen to make sure it is slightly shorter this time.

Storm Point and Worlds Edge will be the two maps used throughout the event. The tournament will be streamed over on the (RED) twitch channel.

How can I sign up for Apex Rising?

One of the core concept of Apex Rising is that casual players get to compete alongside big names from the ALGS scene. This creates a fun and unique dynamic that we don't get to see in most other events.

Last time Apex Rising had hundreds of applications for only a handful of slots. Competition will be hot for a space in the event. There will also be applications for budding Casters who wish to join the production for the event.

To help sift through the interested players, Apex Rising will be calling upon some of the biggest communities in the game to help select players. Specific communities, such as the Competitive Apex subreddit, can refer players and will be selecting players for an assigned number of slots.

There will be an option on the sign up form to note if any of these communities has specifically referred you.

If you wish to play you can sign up at either of the below links:

Sign ups close on November 26 at 23:59 EST.

How can I donate to the event?

Of course, the main goal of the event is to raise crucial funds for the events charity partner, (RED). The first event raised $337,805.00 for the charity.

Once again you'll be able to donate either to the main project, or to each of the pro and streamer players invited to show support for an individuals team specifically. Last event there were some challenges between different communities to see who can raise the most.

Falloutt and the Apex Rising team will hope to raise even more for (RED) than they did in April. Any amount, big or small, that can be contributed will make a real difference in the fight against Aids.

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