Apex Legends Mobile releases Fade, a mobile exclusive legend very similar to Overwatch’s Tracer cover image

Apex Legends Mobile releases Fade, a mobile exclusive legend very similar to Overwatch’s Tracer

Fade, the first mobile-exclusive legend will be coming to Apex Legends Mobile on 17th May along with the game’s global launch.

Apex Legends Mobile is launching globally on the Android and Apple App Store on May 17th, and EA has kept their promise of unique content delivering a mobile-exclusive legend Fade to mark the occasion.

To know when the game drops check out the Apex Mobile Release Time for your region.

What are Fade's Abilities in Apex Legends Mobile?

Introducing the first mobile-exclusive legend Fade
Introducing the first mobile-exclusive legend Fade

Apex Mobile Fade's abilities

Fade is a movement legend that has some interesting abilities that revolve around phasing and dimensional rifts, similar to Wraith and Ash. For those who have dabbled in Blizzard's Overwatch, Fade's kit is very similar to that of Tracer.

Fade's Passive: Slipstream

Fade gains a short burst of increased movement speed immediately after he slides.

Fade's Tactical: Flashback

Fade phases through a dimensional rift back to his previous location.

Fade's Ultimate: Phase

Fade throws an activator chamber that explodes in a target area, causing everyone caught in it to phase into a dimensional rift for a few seconds, unable to receive or deal damage.

What kind of a playstyle does he bring to the table?

Fade's ability set revolves around movement and disruption. He can join and leave fights abruptly and lead to some moments of chaos in battle. He also has a great repositioning tool at his disposal with his tactical. Expect him to enable an aggressive playstyle with plenty of active movement.

His ultimate allows him to disrupt large fights and create windows of opportunity for his squad. His passive is great and it allows him to chase or escape sticky situations quite comfortably, albeit only when it is used well.

Will he ever make it to Apex Legends on PC and Consoles?

While the developers have indicated that Apex Legends Mobile will receive mobile-exclusive content that won't make it to PC, they haven't used terms that describe Fade's exclusivity in their patch notes.

We can't say for sure if they'll release him on non-mobile platforms but it could be likely they use Apex Legends Mobile as a testbed for future content in the main game. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Not all legends from the main game are available in Apex Legends Mobile
Not all legends from the main game are available in Apex Legends Mobile

It's worth noting that Fade will be joining a limited roster of legends that don't include all of the ones in the main game. Currently, players can pick between Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic, Mirage, and Octane.

Does Apex Legends Mobile describe Fade's Lore?

According to the patch notes, Fade's real name is Ignacio Huamaní and he is the youngest in a family of military tech-hunters that made a living "recovering" weapons and selling them to the highest bidder.

As the youngest in the family, he was eager to prove himself and took on a contract that turned out to be a trap and ended up killing his whole family.

As part of the contract, Fade retrieved a suit that enabled him to phase through dimensions. He joined the Apex Games seeking revenge on the client that gave him the contract and killed his family.

Source: Electronic Arts
Source: Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile will be launching globally on 17th May. You can find out exactly when it will be available to download and play in your region here.