The 10 biggest changes coming in Apex Legends Season 16 cover image

The 10 biggest changes coming in Apex Legends Season 16

With so many Apex Legends Season 16 changes, which are the most important for you to know before the season starts? We’ve got you covered.

Respawn have been cooking up a huge list of Apex Legends Season 16 changes, and the game is going to feel completely different come February 14th. But, with so much changing what is the most significant changes coming to Apex Season 16? have compiled a list of the top 10 Apex Legends season 16 changes so you can be prepared and take the newest season by storm.

1 - Apex Legends Season 16 changes breathe life into Wraith

The oldest and most infamous Apex Legend might be back in the meta. Respawn have doubled Wraith's portal distance. This change has been much requested by Wraith mains. As Apex has added new maps, they have gotten bigger and bigger since Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge. That left Wraith's portal feeling a bit short. Wraith also now goes faster as she portals, the further she goes the faster she moves.

Wraith might finally be back in the meta
Wraith might finally be back in the meta

2 - Assault Rifle Hipfire nerfed "significantly"

You might be used to melting players with weapons like the R301 and the Flatline at all distances. Now, Respawn are shifting the meta to make Assault Rifles weaker at close range. This will mean more reliance on Shotguns and SMG's in those close range battles. To do this, they are nerfing the hipfire spreads on Assault Rifles "significantly". We will see how this plays out in game.

3 - Shotgun Pellet sizes increased

There is a theme to some of the Apex season 16 changes. After nerfing Assault Rifles close range abilities, Apex devs are buffing Shotguns. The pellet size of all shotguns has been increased. This should help weapons like the Mastiff and Peacekeeper keep up with weapons like the CAR SMG. Furthermore, all shotguns now take stocks which will mean faster reloads.

4 - Apex Legends Season 16 changes finally deliver Seer nerf

Seer has been a very controversial legend. Fans were desperate to see him among the list of Apex season 16 changes, and he is. Seer's whole kit is getting big changes. His tactical will no longer show whole body outlines. His Ultimate has a reduced duration, and increased cooldown. Additionally, his passive will only show lock on hits, no more flecks on the sensor.

Hopefully, this should mean that Seer is a less dominating legend in Season 16.

Seer gets a big nerf in Apex season 16
Seer gets a big nerf in Apex season 16

5 - Ranked will now rotate 3 maps

If you have been tired of playing the same ranked map for what can feel like forever, Respawn have heard your concerns. The only one of the 10 Apex Season 16 changes to impact ranked is a change to the ranked map. Ranked will now cycle three maps instead of just one. Broken Moon, Storm Point and Worlds Edge will rotate every 24 hours in the first ranked split. No more 75 day Broken Splits!

6 - 'Control' legends now scan the next zone

Since the start of Apex, certain legends have always been able to see the next circle by scanning Survey Beacons. First, it was just Pathfinder. Then, Crypto gained the ability to scan too. Eventually this was extended to all legends in the Recon class. Until now.

With the release of Season 16, legends in the new 'Control' class will be able to scan new 'Ring Consoles' to reveal the next zone. Wattson, Catalyst, Rampart and Caustic are now must picks if you want to be one step ahead with your rotations.

7 - Survey beacons now reveal enemies

However, that isn't to say that 'Recon' legends can't scan beacons anymore. Crypto, Bloodhound, Seer and Vantage are still in the recon class and they can scan Survey beacons.

However, in among the most significant of the Apex season 16 changes, this survey beacon will now scan all players. Much like the Crypto Map room mechanic on Kings Canyon, scanning a survey beacon will reveal every player on the map for 30 seconds. If you get scanned and you are nearby the beacon, you will be notified.

8 - The Nemesis Burst AR is going to be crazy

It's been an age since we had a new weapon in Apex Legends, and Season 16 delivers. The new energy Nemesis Burst AR is a hybrid between a Flatline, a Hemlock and a Devotion. It is automatic like the Flatline, fires in bust like the Hemlock and has a spin up firerate like the Devotion.

Dealing a huge 17 damage to the body, the more you fire the Nemesis Burst AR the faster the firerate. Respawn like to release weapons strong, so we will see if the Nemesis Burst AR survives the season without some tweaks.

9 - Mirage Voyage is back! (But renamed)

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Apex Legends, a fan favourite returns. Not just on one map, but all three! You can find Mirage Voyage, renamed to Mirage a Trois, on Worlds Edge, Storm Point and Broken Moon at the start of the season.

For those new to the game, this POI features strong loot and was a very popular drop spot when it featured on Worlds Edge, then Kings Canyon in the past.

Mirage Voyage
Mirage Voyage

10 - Certain legends can now craft expired banners

Ever had your banner expire and had to watch your teammates farm without you? Now, on support class legends, there is hope. Newcastle, Lifeline, Loba and Gibraltar can craft expired banners. Furthermore, it only costs a mere 30 crafting materials to craft all expired banners at once. Sure, you might get inted when you revive them, but at least you got to respawn your team again!

Apex Legends Season 16 changes go live in Valentine's Day!

The whole community seems excited about the vast array of Apex season 16 changes. Apex season 16 releases at 5pm GMT on February 14th across all platforms.

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