Apex Legends Season 16 battle pass trailer reveals new party-rocking skins cover image

Apex Legends Season 16 battle pass trailer reveals new party-rocking skins

The battle pass for Season 16 of Apex Legends features new Legendary skins, reactive gun skins, weapon charms, and holosprays.

Apex Legends Season 16 is right around the corner! The new season of the game comes with a new battle pass full of new party favors like skins, banner frames, charms, emotes, and more. Apex Legends is ready to get the party started, so let's break down the recent overview trailer and see what's coming next.

Season 16 Battle Pass Legend and weapon skins

The theme of this season is revelry, so it’s fitting that the skins in this upcoming battle pass are all flashy and the life of the party. The Legendary skins in this pass are for Crypto, Valkyrie, and the G7 Scout. From the sneak peak of the upcoming Anniversary Collection Event, it seems that Crypto and Pathfinder might be a matching musical pair. Additionally, the G7 is back on the ground for loot, according to the recent patch notes.

Epic skins in this battle pass include ones for Bloodhound, Mirage, and Rampart.

Meanwhile, five of the battle pass skins have cosmetic sets, including Crypto's new Technocraft skin and Valkyrie's Heartbeat Harmonizer skin.

A reactive Headliner skin

The party stopper skin for the Season 16 battle pass is the new reactive Mastiff skin called the "Headliner." As per usual for Apex Legends battle passes, the new weapon skin comes in two different colors and is unlockable at levels 100 and 110. The first version is a sleek gold and black design, and the second variation has a more festive energy with the neon-colored animal print.

More Apex Legends Season 16 battle pass goodies

The Apex Legends Season 16 battle pass is also bringing new items like banner frames, charms, holosprays, and emotes. Based on the trailer, it seems that each holospray is going to match a new Legend skin. There's also a stand-out holospray featuring Nessie as an adorable DJ.

Season 16 battle pass holosprays (Image via Respawn)
Season 16 battle pass holosprays (Image via Respawn)

Stickers are a notable absence in this battle pass trailer. These are brand-new craftable items introduced in the Season 15 battle pass trailer. It seems that Respawn hasn't added them to the general loot pool of items usually available in a battle pass.

Hopefully, we'll see more of this unique item in the future — especially with more Nessie.

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