Apex Legends Season 13 revamps and reloads the Apex ranked system cover image

Apex Legends Season 13 revamps and reloads the Apex ranked system

New details of Apex Legends season 13 ranked system have been released. Join us as we dive into the changes of season 13’s new ranked system!

As the countdown to season 13 of Apex Legends draws nearer, Respawn is releasing more information about the upcoming season. Earlier today, details surrounding the new ranked system have been released by the Respawn team. The new ranked system has the Apex community in high hopes for the new season.

A breakdown of the new ranked system

So, there's a lot to unpack with the new ranked system being introduced in season 13. So, we are going to break it down in several parts: Team points and assist, survival, and new ranks and calibration.

Team points and assists

A big change that was highlighted was the team aspect of ranked. In the new ranked system, the entire team receives ranked points (or RP) when one member of the team gets a kill. Players are rewarded 50% of the kill points (KP) regardless if they assisted in the kill or not. However, if a teammate has died they won't receive any KP.

In terms of assists, there has been a relatively simple but effective change in the ranked system. The assists timer, which is the time period you need to participate in a kill has been increased. The increase is only by 5 seconds to a total of 15 seconds, however this change attempts to mitigate tactical retreats to break the timer and prevent RP gain. Lastly, the kill tier differences have been modified for season 13. Now, there is a more even kill difference among kills closer to your tier.


As the Respawn team phrases it, "survival is the primary objective, and kills are what gets you there". Now in the new ranked system, there is no kill cap. Now the value of each kill diminishes as the game continues, down to a minimum. Previously, the maximum RP you could gain from kills or assists was 125.

New ranks and calibration

Yes, you heard right, there are new ranks! Now in the new ranked system there is a new tier called "Rookie" tier, which has more or less replaced Bronze tier. This 0 cost tier acts as introductory tier for ranked and will not have any rewards associated with it. As we move up the tiers, Bronze tier now has a entry cost that ranges from 15 to 24 RP. Additionally, each ranked tier division has a cost increase of 3 RP until Masters which increases by 5 RP per 1000 RP beyond masters up to 175.

In terms of demotions and RP thresholds, there are 200 RP points between each tier division. So now in season 13 ranked, the difference between Gold 2 and Gold 1 is 200 RP. With regards to demotions, there's a 3 game grace period when moving to a higher tier on top of a bonus 100 RP tier promotion bonus when moving to a higher tier.

And that's it! It seems like season 13's new ranked system has a lot to offer. With great new adjustments that seem to fix some of the pertinent issues with the current ranked system, we have a lot to look forward to. For more Apex content, stay tuned to Esport.gg's Apex news!