Apex Legends removes Controller ‘tap strafe’ and other configs cover image

Apex Legends removes Controller ‘tap strafe’ and other configs

No more illegal movement! Huzzah!

Respawn have announced that the controversial ability to controller tap strafe will be removed in Apex. There will also be further changes to stop people chaining config files together.

People can use configs to automate movement, reduce or eliminate recoil and other measures that give players an unfair advantage in game.

Apex Controller tap strafe removed

The Apex Controller tap strafe has long been controversial. Tap strafing is a specialist movement mechanic, that allows players to make very sharp turns in game. For Mouse and Keyboard users, it is done by binding 'Forward' to your mouse wheel. This lets you send lots of forward inputs in quick succession.

In the great 'input debate' having access to more advanced movement mechanics is seen as one of the advantages of 'MNK'. In theory, ever tap strafing on controller in Apex should not be possible.

Yet, controller players could access the movement mechanic via "Steam configs". Players could set a specific series of commands to their controller, letting your controller quickly repeat your input in order to tap strafe.

Using "Steam configs" has long been banned in the official ALGS rules. However, despite being frowned upon this is the first action directly taken to prevent its use in the wider game.

All config commands disabled

There had been a lot of discussion about configs beyond the Apex controller tap strafe in recent days. The ability to chain commands together allowed players to essentially cheat, without cheats.

Configs had been made that would remove all recoil, access more advanced movement and even loot automatically.

No matter your opinion on the 'Controller versus MNK' argument, this was not at all skillful in any way. Performing super advanced mechanics like the Superglide takes practice and patience on either input. The rise of configs was a blatant abuse of the Steam tool.

With it being a supported platform, those abusing configs to do things even more sinister like eliminate recoil or totally automate movement were not being banned by anti-cheat.

Configs were also almost certainly used by MNK players. This action will eliminate all forms of abuse with cfg files.

Respawn have also reiterated that: "The use of third-party tools, hardware, firmware, or software that automates game mechanics for a competitive edge over other Apex players is considered cheating and is unacceptable. As such, we will continue to evaluate potential exploits and take further action as needed."

Photo: EA/Respawn
Photo: EA/Respawn

Can I still tap strafe on controller in Apex?

In short, no. Sorry. The debate between inputs will continue to rage on. Controller will still have the much discussed Aim Assist, with MNK having access to more advanced movement.

What won't be changed is your ability to use legal configs in Apex Legends. There are configs that can adjust your frame rate, skip the introduction video and more. You might remember when people used this files to change their reticle colour.

These will all still be in the game, as only the ability to chain cfg files is being removed from the game. This will prevent the Apex controller tap strafe, neo strafing and more weird and wonderful exploits.

This change has been very well received in the community, with players delighted to see this exploit finally vanquished from the outlands.

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