Apex Legends pros form ‘Avengers style’ team to defeat cheater cover image

Apex Legends pros form ‘Avengers style’ team to defeat cheater

Cheaters beware.

15 Apex Legends pro players formed an 'Avengers style' super team in order to take on a fearsome Apex cheater. The team, including current number one predator Loustreams, ended up all saving themselves from a potential RP loss when the cheater closed the server.

There is a growing problem with cheaters in top ranks. Technically, teaming is also against the rules in Apex matches. This drastic action might help force Respawn into some action against the apex cheaters.

Pro Apex players forced to work together to kill Apex cheater

Unfortunately, for the top players, ranked is just Apex cheater after Apex cheater. The new season 20 ranked system was overall very well received. It is noticeable how many more pro players want to play ranked.

However, the removal of the MMR combined with no ranked party requirements and a level 20 ranked entry point has revived an age old Apex ranked issue. The ability to queue ranked with anyone no matter what rank they are is a good thing for casual players. You don't have to have a 'smurf' account to play with friends, or worry about being left behind in rank by your friends.

Nonetheless, it has also created a terrible issue in ranked. Now, you can be boosted by an Apex cheater very easily. If the cheater gets banned, they can just create a new account very quickly. They don't have to grind to a high rank to queue, or even reach a high account level.

This cheating epidemic is what led number one Apex Predator Lou to form the anti cheater 'Avengers' team in ranked yesterday.

Cheater gets server shut down

After the gang of pro players coordinated a push onto the cheater, they still had one trick up their sleeve. Annoyingly, the Apex cheater was able to crash the server rather than be defeated by the Apex Avengers.

This did mean that everyone gets a 0 for their game outcome, and don't lose a large amount of RP. The new ranked system is very punishing for dying early, which is a good thing, except when against cheaters.

It is hoped that fresh action will be taken to prevent cheating soon. If Anti-Cheat cannot detect these abusers, then some ranked rule adjustments might be needed at least temporarily.

No matter what, seeing 15 pro players team up against an Apex cheater will surely go down in the games history.

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