Apex Legends has a bot infestation on its hands with the Mixtape matchmaker falling victim to bot accounts indulging in level boosting.

Apex Legends replaced Arenas with the Mixtape playlist in Season 16. Players had been complaining about Arenas being in a bad state for a long time and the developers finally decided to axe the game mode. But now that the Mixtape Mode is blighted with a bigger problem.

The Mixtape playlist rotates three different LTMs in the Matchmaker and it has been a resounding success. However there's a massive situation with bot accounts. The Mixtape playlist in Apex Legends appears to be filling the matchmaking hundreds of bot accounts set up to boost player levels.

Bot accounts used to boost levels in Apex Legends

When we say Apex Legends has a bot problem, we don't mean Pathfinder's skyrocketing pick rate! The bot infestation is mainly being used by account boosters who then proceed to sell the account once it hits enough levels to fetch a reasonable price.

Essentially, the best-case scenario for these boosters is when the bot levels up the account enough to earn 500 Treasure Packs, which guarantees Heirloom Shards. An account with Heirloom Shards is guaranteed to sell for a good price.

No K/D tracking in Mixtape Playlist

The Mixtape matchmaker is an enabler for bot accounts for one main reason. It doesn't have any K/D tracking. This allows boosters to level up the account through participation in the Mixtape matches without a negative impact on the account's performance statistics. While the community was most vocal about the issue in March, it is still quite prevalent in the matchmaker. To the point where most players encounter these inactive bots that randomly fire their weapons every once in a while after running into a corner.

Respawn are yet to address this issue with the mixtape playlist. It's been over a month and the bot infestation persists. Regular players ending up with bot teammates quite often in-game. It leads to quite the handicap. There are already plenty of complaints about bots ruining the mixtape matchmaker on Reddit. The developers might just have another Arenas situation on their hand if they don't address this problem soon.

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