A new version of Revenant, called Revenant Reborn, is allegedly in the works and playtesters have revealed his new ultimate in a recent leak.

Apex Legends may be getting a new version of Revenant.

Recent leaks have pointed to a very interesting addition to Apex Legends — wall-running. Future maps will allegedly feature a wall-running mechanic and an alternative version of Revenant will also have a wall-running ability.

What is Revenant Reborn?

Revenant Reborn is a new version of Revenant that leakers are claiming is coming to Apex Legends. Multiple anonymous sources have stated that Respawn Entertainment has been having playtesters try out Revenant Reborn.

According to inside sources, there will be a character select in the future that has Revenant Reborn as an option. His alleged abilities include:

  • Passive — Wall Running
  • Tactical — Sling Shot: This new version of Revenant will fire a sling shot to rapidly change his positioning
  • Tactical — Force Repel: This ability allows Revenant Reborn to create a quick pulse around himself that repels enemies
  • Ultimate — One V One Dual: If you hit an enemy with this ultimate, Revenant Reborn can bring them into a void to fight him one on one

These abilities are still not confirmed — not even by testers. It's unclear what the tactical ability will end up being. But playtesters claimed to have come across Revenant Reborn with the dual ultimate many times.

When is Revenant Reborn coming to Apex Legends?

According to playtesters who have allegedly shared inside information, it's currently unclear when this new legend will be ready. In fact, it's unclear if he will be a new character or a huge update to Revenant. And if it's just an update to Revenant, it's possible it could just be upgrades available in a limited-time mode exclusively.

For now, Revenant Reborn is a bit of a mystery.

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