Apex Legends Glitch sees extended mags head on migration cover image

Apex Legends Glitch sees extended mags head on migration

The magazines are on the march?!

Apex Legends Season 20 is proving popular with the playerbase, but would it really be a new season of the Battle Royale without a new Apex Legends glitch?

Season 20 added new legend perks, changed how armours exist in the game and totally revamped the ranked system. However, there was one secret change that Respawn did not share.

They (presumably accidentally!) also added a new glitch into the game that sees extended magazines get a life of their own and begin a journey to an unknown land.

Apex Legends Glitch means Magazines can move?!

Apex Legends reddit user u/kzranran seems to have discovered the bug. They shared a video showing three extended magazines, of different varieties, seemingly heading off on a mysterious journey.

Now these magazines don't exactly rival Octane for the fastest moving thing in a game of Apex, so it's not clear what the conclusion to this Apex Legends glitch would be.

As expected, there was plenty of hilarious commentary shared in the comments of the Reddit post.

"I put $50 on the grey light mag" said one user, although it was pointed out that the grey magazine should of course be quicker, as it holds less ammunition. Of course, this makes it faster... right?

Should this be a Loba buff?

One user even suggested that in a weird way, this could have been a great buff for Loba. Her Ultimate is all about looting the nearby area. What if the loot slowly marched towards you instead?

It would even have some balance. You could be trying to hide from an enemy team, only to be given away by the long line of extended mags heading towards you.

It seems this Apex Legends glitch is exclusive to Mill on Storm Point for now. It'll likely be fixed soon, so try it out while you can if you're so inclined.

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