Apex Legends brings the anime inspired Gaiden event to the Outlands cover image

Apex Legends brings the anime inspired Gaiden event to the Outlands

The newest Apex Legends event is here! The anime inspired Gaiden event brings a returning favorite LTM and great new skins.

Earlier this week Apex Legends introduced their newest event! The Gaiden event features anime inspired skins, the return of the Armed and Dangerous LTM, and a new prestige skin. The event starts on July the 19th and continues until August 2nd, a week before Season 13 ends.

The Return of Armed and Dangerous

Introduced back in season 2 of Apex during the Voidwalker event, The Armed and Dangerous LTM changes all weapons found to be either Sniper or Shotguns. However, to compensate for the lower loot pool for weapons, there are increased spawn rates of healing items and upgrades ammo stack counts (specific values can be found on the wiki)

Gaiden Event rewards

On top of the cosmetic items available for purchase during the Gaiden event, there are also some great free rewards! During the two weeks, there are 2 different sets of rewards. From July 19th to 26th, you can unlock a gun charm, a 30-30 repeater skin and a surprisingly patriotic Fuse skin. While on the following week (July 26th to August 2nd), you can get a meme-worthy Nessie holo spray and a Event pack.

Featured skins of the Gaiden Event

The Gaiden Event has a couple featured items during the event. As per most events, some skins share the same themes, and this event is no different. The Gaiden event has 4 main cosmetic groupings for Wattson, Revenant, Mirage and Octane. Each grouping has a weapon skin, Legend skin of legendary rarity as well as a banner poses and frames of Epic rarity. Each skin draws its inspiration from iconic anime like One Piece, Naruto and Evangelion.

Additionally, the store will feature different bundles and returning items for the event. Some notable returning fan favorite items are the Loba Edition bundle and the Deaputy of Death Bundle. In the Event store, returning skins aren't discounted however the Gaiden event bundles seem to be discounted.

Bangalore's Apex Commander Prestige skin

Last but definitely not least is Bangalore's new Prestige skin: Apex Commander. The second prestige skin introduced into Apex Legends following Bloodhound's, the skin is basically an Heirloom. Prestige skins evolves as damage milestones are completed over time. Once the final tier 3 stage is unlocked, a unique finisher called "Close Quarters combat" is unlocked for the player.

And that's it! Are you excited for the Gaiden event? Feel free to let us know on any of our socials. For more Apex content, check out esports.gg.