Apex Legends devs apologize for “embarrassing” update dropping too early cover image

Apex Legends devs apologize for “embarrassing” update dropping too early

An Apex Legends update dropped too early, with a content creators’ name spelled incorrectly after a year of similar drama.

An awkward mistake has led to Respawn Entertainment apologizing to the Apex Legends community.

In early 2022, Apex Legends was called out by content creators for not paying artists any royalties after using their collaborative skins. Popular Apex Legends streamers were also disappointed that weapon skins inspired by content creators were not going to be mentioned within the game. Instead, their names were only listed on a blog post. This went against what streamers were told beforehand, as highlighted by LuluLuvely.

To make up for this, Respawn Entertainment changed its mind about how to deal with creator-inspired skins. After almost a year, developers announced an update that would add content creators' names to the skins in-game. Now, the creators' names would appear in the skins' descriptions.

But a leaker recently pointed out that there were still some issues with this update. He noted on Twitter that LuluLuvely's name was spelled wrong in the description of her R301 skin. This led to a lot of backlash against Apex Legends developers since fans were already on edge from the drama last year.

As the frustration continued, Apex Legends senior producer Josh Medina admitted that the patch actually went live early by accident. Medina added that the skins would all come with a "blurb" when the official update comes to the game. He then apologized for the mistake.

Respawn Entertainment also added its own explanation, calling the accidentally dropped UI update "embarrassing." The developer noted that the update is "early and incomplete" and that the official launch would more properly highlight "talented artists and creators" they worked with.

LuluLuvely has not discussed the situation herself, but many in the Apex Legends community have reacted to the strange mistake. Some felt the apology tweet was "awful," and found it frustrating that it's been taking developers so long to finally acknowledge content creators in-game. Others asked why the descriptions weren't already there when the skins were initially dropped in early 2022. One player even accused Respawn Entertainment of lying about it being a mistake.

For now, however, Apex Legends players will have to wait to see content creators' names properly implemented in the game itself. Even though it hasn't happened as soon as fans hoped, the update shows developers are listening in some way.