A new exploit in Apex Legends forces players to reload their gun automatically every time they’re shot at. Respawn have announced a fix is coming soon.

When it comes to cheats and exploits, some Apex Legends players can get quite creative. Sometimes this becomes a nuisance to the community and can end up in a frustrating gameplay experience. This includes an exploit where, every time you're shot at your gun would reload, in addition to dropping ammo.

The technicality of this scenario can only be described as a cheat or a hack. However, it's now confirmed to be an exploit. Hideouts recently tweeted that they'd be releasing a fix for the "Force Reload" exploit in Apex Legends next week.

What is the force reload exploit?

The exploit is one of the weirdest ones we've ever seen in Apex Legends and inexplicable from a technical standpoint. Popular Apex Legends streamer, gdolphn posted a clip of his experience on Twitter. This clip went viral and the developers noticed it. Whenever the cheater shot at gdolphn, his gun would automatically reload. The exploit also forced him to drop ammo, including ammo types he wasn't using.

Infinite shooting exploit

Another iteration of the exploit has emerged thanks to u/johnnypricetv on Reddit. He posted a clip where he engaged an opponent in a 1v1. In this fight, his EVA-8 fired off automatically and wouldn't stop. It's clearly an exploit that will lead to ammo exhaustion if nothing else. It looks like this exploit has the same base as the force reload exploit.

Respawn Entertainment Will Release a Fix Soon

Hideouts addressed the exploit on Twitter and announced that they're working on a fix for the exploit. According to him, the fix is already finished and verified to work. Players can expect the fix to go live across servers in the coming week. This is quick work from Respawn Entertainment. The exploit is being snuffed out before it becomes popular and ruins the ranked grind.

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