The Apex Legends Black Friday sale is here! Join us as we break down the deals and the items included in the sale.

The Black Friday sale is here for Apex Legends players. The sale offers mainly bundles, with five new skins and two new charms for players to acquire. Additionally, there are bundles for Apex packs as well for progress towards heirlooms available during the sale. The sale ends in a week, on the 29th of November, so be sure to pick up the Black Friday sale items.

The Apex Legends Black Friday Items

There are a total of seven unique items available over the Black Friday sale for Apex Legends. There are four legend skins, one EVA-8 skin and two gun charms. Starting with the gun charms which come with bundles of either 10 or 100 Apex packs for 1000 and 6700 Apex coins respectively. The charms that come with the bundle are Bamboozles for the 100 pack and Pass the salt for the 10 pack.

Additionally, there are four new skins for in the Black Friday sale. There are black, red and gold recolors of previous skins for Lifeline, Mirage and Rampart. As well as the leaked Octane skin and a new emote called “One Leg Army”. The Black Friday recolors are either bundled with the new EVA-8 Skin “Repeat Offender” or with an additional 20 Apex packs. The bundle with skins only go for 2500 Apex coins, while the full bundle goes for 3950, like typical previous bundles. The full Octane bundle costs a bit more at 6000 apex coins, but you are essentially doubling the amount of Apex packs from 20 to 40.

Apex Black Friday sale overview
Apex Black Friday sale overview

Acquiring the Black Friday deals

To make sure you can get the new skins, be sure to first update your game. As typically, sales and new items come in small updates. Then, make your way over to the store tab in the Apex menus. From there you’ll be able to take your pick at which bundle you want to purchase. And remember, the Apex Black Friday sale ends in a week on the 29th!

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