A redditor analysed the data from 101 Apex Packs in Apex Legends and shared the results Here’s what we know so far.

The recent update in Apex Legends has created quite the fervor around Apex Packs. The developers took notice of the increasingly vocal feedback from long-time players on the limited level cap and rewards. Players are guaranteed to receive at least one set of heirloom shards in their first 500 Apex Packs. However, unless they purchased the Battle Pass every season and participated in every collection event, they’d be unlikely to receive 500 Apex Packs.

Heirloom Shards are the most sought-after reward from Apex Packs by the community. They provide access to the character-specific heirlooms with unique interactions.
Heirloom Shards are the rarest reward from Apex Packs in Apex Legends

Season 14 increased the level cap so that every F2P player receives at least 500 Apex Packs. That is, as long as they keep playing the game. Barring heirloom shards, Legendary drops from Apex Packs are also highly sought-after. Most players don’t consider Common, Rare, and most Epic Tier cosmetics as worthwhile rewards from Apex Packs and just glance over them. A Redditor’s friend opened 101 Apex Packs all at once and they decided to collate and share the data. The results were quite interesting.

Drop Rates from Apex Packs in Apex Legends include some guarantees

The cosmetic Apex Pack and what it contains.
The drop rates from Apex Packs are kind of stingy but at least there are certain guarantees.

Respawn Entertainment has provided the drop rates for each tier from Apex Packs in the store. As advertised, an Apex Pack has a 100% chance of a Rare or better. Thankfully this means at the very least, a player who has invested in an Apex Pack will get a Rare item. Albeit, the most desirable ones being Legendary items sit at a 7.4% chance. There’s quite a degree of RNG to this but Respawn has also advertised that players are guaranteed at least one Legendary drop for every 30 packs.

Given that each pack costs 100 Apex Coins, players would have to spend 3000 coins for 30 of them. So the unluckiest player would get at least ONE Legendary item for the cost of around three premium battle passes. To put it into further context, the average legendary item costs 1,200 Crafting Materials and the ones in the store cost 1800 Apex Coins.

Bundles that include Legendary skins with some Apex Coins range between 2000 to 2500 Apex Coins. To that effect, getting one Legendary item from 30 Apex Packs would seem like a sour deal, until you realize you’ve received 89 other random items of Epic Rarity or lower.

The Redditor’s Drop rate test

Two Rares and a Common are one of the most underwhelming rewards from an Apex Pack.

Redditor u/KairaTeranon‘s friend, u/AntarticaH purchased 101 Apex Packs and opened them all at the same time. They analyzed the results in order to compare them to the advertised drop rates in the store. If you’re someone seeking Legendaries, then you’ll be pleased to know that out of 101 Apex Packs, they received five Legendary tier items. The store advertises that players are guaranteed a Legendary drop for every 30 packs they open. By this logic, the minimum expected Legendary drops from 101 packs would be just three.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how many items the player received from all 101 Apex Packs, sorted by rarity.

  • Common Tier Items (White) – 140
  • Rare Tier Items (Blue) – 138
  • Epic Tier Items (Purple) – 20
  • Legendary Tier Items (Gold) – 5

The good news is that the Rare items were nearly as frequent as the common ones. The bad news is that the drop rate takes a nose dive with Epic and Legendary tier items. The numbers seem to match the drop rates as advertised, at least and that’s important.

The level cap increase brought in with Season 14 also provides in-game currency as rewards for leveling up, allowing players to purchase a Battle Pass without spending money. This means they can also grind more Apex Packs from the Battle Pass rewards. All-in-all, the increased number of Apex Packs that players can receive for free is great for the game’s loyalists. It’ll keep them motivated to return to the game and grind out these rewards. There’s a lot more to Season 14 than just the level cap increase. Check out our analysis of the Legend Meta only at esports.gg!

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