Apex iron sights adjusted in controversial change cover image

Apex iron sights adjusted in controversial change

Apex iron sights have been adjusted for the first time in the games history. Among the skins affected is the much loved Season 4 battle pass Flatline skin, Heatsink.

Respawn dropped a surprise announcement that they are adjusting Apex iron sights on some of the most popular skins.

Citing competitive integrity, Respawn singled out the infamous season 4 battle pass Flatline skin Heat Sink. This is one of the most popular skins in the game, and does have a noticeably advantageous ironsight.

This change will no doubt cause significant frustration for owners of the skin. Respawn have never made a major adjustment to any apex iron sights before. Players choose skins for their looks, but above all iron sights are considered one of the most make or break factors in apex.

Flatline iron sights in focus

It has long been the case in Apex that the Season 4 Flatline skin 'Heatsink' has been held to have the best iron sights in the game. Pro players who don't own the skin ask teammates to skin their weapon, and players who have joined the game since season 4 have clamoured for a recolour.

Heatsink's old iron sight
Heatsink's old iron sight

However, the community have often called for more flatline skins with that same ironsight, rather than a removal or change to it. Players don't enjoy being hindered with poor iron sights. Several Apex Iron sights are considered to be hard to use.

This move shifts the needle in the other direction. What is also frustrating about the Flatline is that it has several skins with very poor iron sights. Respawn has acknowledged this, and has improved one of the worst offenders.

The adjusted heatsink iron sight
The adjusted heatsink iron sight

'Revelations' iron sight also adjusted

They have chosen to adjust one of the most recent Flatline skins, Revelations from the recent Gaiden event. When this skin released it was considered one of the weakest Apex iron sights. This skin had very large 'wings' that blocked vision noticeably. These have been reduced down to improve this particular skin.

The new Revelation Ironsights
The new Revelation Ironsights

Notably, Respawn's phrasing in the blog post indicate that might have adjusted other skins. They say "
Another example of a skin we’ve updated is the Flatline “Revelations” skin from the Gaiden Event."

This implies that Heatsink and Revelations are just the examples they are choosing to share with us, it is yet unclear as to if other skins have been adjusted. For instance, the Wingman is one of the weapons that is considered to have significant 'pay to win' skins. Another offender is the R99. If these have been changed, Respawn have not mentioned it in the blog post.

Community reaction to Apex Iron Sight adjustments

Predictably, there was a lot of frustration at the change. Several notable pro players immediately spoke out about their disappointment.

This is a very common complaint - because the iron sight was so good on this skin, it was one of the reasons people purchased or grinded the battle pass. Is it fair to those players who own the skin to adjust it? Should Apex iron sights be hard to use? Or should they be improved? Similarly, if other battlepass or paid for skins are adjusted there could be more complaints.

Additionally, some players have noted that EA/Respawn are actually behaving abnormally on this issue. Rightly or wrongly many in the Apex community criticise EA for only caring about revenue. They had the opportunity to simply sell more skins with this iron sight, but have chosen to adjust it instead.

Competitive integrity held up

The given reasoning is to maintain and improve competitive integrity. It is undoubted that in those early off drop fights, better iron sights make it easier to fight. Not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless.

Respawn state in the blog post: "We believe that any competitive edge in Apex Legends should be gained by honing your skills and not due to any perceived advantages from buying gun skins."

Furthermore, this also surely signals the end of battle pass skins having special or particular iron sights moving forward. Some Apex Iron Sights being considered pay to win is clearly a thing of the past.

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