Hackers have compromised Apex Legends servers on both PC and console in an attempt to draw attention to its “unplayable” older brother Titanfall 1.

Hackers have compromised Apex Legends servers on both PC and console, prohibiting players from joining matchmaking. The attack appears to have been staged in an attempt to draw attention to Respawn’s lack of attention to TitanFall 1, a game they released in 2014.

The impact of the attack is visible the moment you open the game. Matchmaking is unavailable on PC and console – although some servers may have survived the attack -with the playlist for game modes rendered blank. Only one game mode name is visible, a fake Limited Time Mode (LTM) entry which points towards a website called Savetitanfall.com. The game mode description reads “We are not affiliated with the website”.

Only one LTM banner is visible, a dummy LTM called SaveTitanfall.com
apex hackers made all playlists unavailable
What you will see if you try to select a game mode in the playlist

What is SaveTitanFall? Why are the hackers doing this?

As part of their attack, the hackers have directed players to SaveTitanFall.com, a website which according to our checks, was created on April 1st 2021. On the website it outlines why Titanfall 1 needs saving, stating developer Respawn Entertainment has left it to be over-run by hackers and denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).

In April Respawn Entertainment told the Titanfall community that “Help is coming ASAP” after DDoS attacks affected the servers, only for the game to be hit by a second wave in May.

The Apex hackers pointed towards the SaveTitanfall.com homepage
The homepage of SaveTitanfall.com. The hackers point towards this website but both parties claim they are not affiliated with each other

The homepage post on SaveTitanfall.com claims that Respawn Entertainment is selling an “unplayable game” on Steam and Origin.

“Selling a game that does not work as advertised (not being able to play in this case) without fixing the different issues and ignoring their customers is an act of fraud,” says the post. “It leaves no doubt that Respawn is actively ignoring this subject. Respawn and Electronic Arts have the resources to fix these issues, yet they don’t, knowingly continuing to sell a game that does not work as advertised, and doesn’t work at all.”

However, the owners of the website have clearly stated they are not involved in today’s attacks. The words: “This website, nor the Discord servers listed below, are in no way associated with the recent Apex Legends hack” were added to the frontpage.

Respawn is aware of Apex hackers and “actively investigating”

The timing of the attack is unfortuitous for the American-based company, as it took place on July 4th, a federal holiday known as Independence Day. That said, Respawn have stated on Twitter they are aware of the situation and “actively investigating issues” that are preventing players from joining matchmaking.


We’ll keep you updated on the situation. Be sure to check out our Apex Legends news section for more stories and guides.


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