One tweet caused uproar throughout the esports world.

Apex Legends caster Brad "im_b_rad" Lusher started a heated debate within the entire esports Twitter community with a controversial tweet.

That tweet says that casting talent was the "least important" part of esports broadcasts. Lusher also said that the people behind the scenes running events are more essential.

This then led to a whole host of responses from people around the esports world, with many of them criticising the sentiment of Lusher's original comments.

"Esports hot take: Casters are the least important part of a broadcast and should be paid like it," Lusher said.

"Admins, observers and production are more essential to broadcast."

Apex caster im_b_rad started the conversation on Twitter. Photo via Brad Lusher.
Apex caster im_b_rad started the conversation on Twitter. Photo via Brad Lusher.

The conversation quickly spread to esports around the world and didn't stay in the Apex community.

Many of them shared sentiment that casters are more than just the voice behind esports broadcasts. Top VALORANT caster Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez commented on the fact that he often has to edit the shows themselves when working.

One thing that isn't in the original post from im_b_rad is that usually casters have to promote the games that they are commentating over simultaneously to the calling the in-game action.

They almost double as public relations and marketing people whilst casting, making the game appear as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Veteran Call of Duty League caster Alan "Brice" Brice mentioned this. "Pay the people talking to the audience and being the evangelists of everything you are trying to sell be the lowest paid. Nothing will go wrong there," he said.

Should casters be paid less... or should everyone else be paid more?

Certain roles in the broadcasting machine are invisible to the naked eye.

There are observers, directors, referees, admins, production staff all making sure that the clock keeps ticking on the back end.

The focus should be on elevating everyone else rather than dragging casters down. Senior broadcast producer at Esports Engine, John Fenton, agrees.

"Talent gets paid," he said. The best talent are deeply ingrained in the production process. Not necessarily because it's required of them, but because they're invested.

Other considerations from the community on Twitter

Former Call of Duty League desk host Velly Cardwell showed off some of the work that a team can put together when working as a unit to construct a broadcast.

Most people said that they value casters and their position on broadcast. They bring life to the games that they speak over.

Call of Duty World Champion Ian "Crimsix" Porter decided to poke fun with a "GREENWALL GET HIM" quote tweet.

im_b_rad replied to some of the first responses he had on his tweet. He is yet to acknowledge some of the larger personalities' comments.

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