Apex Season 20 Breakout Challenge Rewards brings a new reactive Flatline skin cover image

Apex Season 20 Breakout Challenge Rewards brings a new reactive Flatline skin

Coming with the debut of Season 20 of Apex Legends is a new set of Breakout challenges. Complete them all and earn yourself amazing rewards.

Season 20 of Apex Legends is right around the corner, and the entire Apex community is beyond excited. With the coming of the new season, Respawn has created a set of challenges for players to complete. The Apex Breakout challenges include Legend specific challenges, reaching milestones in the Battle Pass and more. And the reward for such a valiant effort? Well, a recolor of one of the most sought after skins in Apex.

The Reward of the Challenges

The new season of Apex Legends is set to bring tons of changes that are going to revolutionize the game. There will be legend upgrades, armor changes, and of course upgrades to ranked. On top of all that, the season is debuting right after Apex's 5th Anniversary, which means massive rewards. The Apex Breakout Rewards tracker features a complete matching Wraith set, which includes a Banner Frame, Stickers, Trackers, a Skin and a Reactive Flatline skin.

How to earn rewards from the Apex Breakout challenge

Thankfully, the Apex Breakout rewards isn't a event where players need to spend a pretty penny to unlock the final rewards. The rewards for the Apex Breakout event are unlocked by just playing the game. Every two weeks until April 23rd, there will be Legend challenges. Completing the challenges not only rewards you with the legend themselves being permanently unlocked, but you'll receive the Wraith Legendary skin.

Then, by collecting all the featured banners of the Battle Pass, you'll unlock another piece of the puzzle. Each 10 levels of the Breakout Battle Pass you'll receive a Banner Frame, and there are six total. So after level 60 of the Battle Pass, you'll unlock the final Banner Frame reward. Thankfully, the Banner Frames from the Apex Breakout Battle Pass are free, so it just becomes a matter of playing Apex.

Last but not least are the three new Trackers for the Breakout Wraith Bundle. To receive the rare Tracker set and a Legendary rarity Apex 5th Year Anniversary Sticker, you'll need to gather fellow legends. Every two weeks, in accordance with the Legend Challenges, you'll need to gift items to friends. Each week, players will receive both a Legend skin and a matching Sticker meant to be gifted to your friends. If you gift at least six items, you'll receive the Sticker and Tracker set.

After that, you'll receive a Reactive Flatline skin. The Ultimate reward of the Apex Breakout event. This is a recolor of the fan favorite Heat Sink/Heavy Metal Flatline skin. But this time, with a white and gold motif. Although it's not as good as the original, Apex players from all over have been asking for a recolor of this Season 4 Battle Pass Reward.

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