Three teams were separated by a single point heading into the final game.

aNc Outplayed took home the victory in the second day of the EMEA ALGS Pro League.

This was a very tight and intense lobby, with just a single point between the top three teams heading into the final game. aNc Outplayed, GoNext and NextUp were neck and neck until the death during todays action.

Ultimatley aNc Outplayed were able to hold off GoNext and NextUp to take home the victory overall. However, for NextUp, two second places in a row is a very good start and they seem in a really good position overall as it stands.

aNc Outplayed make Worlds Edge consistency pay

aNc Outplayed will be incredibly pleased with their performance today. Especially on Worlds Edge, they found impressive consistency. Using Wattson on Worlds Edge, they play a solid early rotate playstyle. This helped see aNc finish in the top four across all three of the Worlds Edge games.

They also showed that they can flex on both maps, using a more aggressive legend composition including Catalyst. While they were clearly stronger on Worlds Edge, they still posted good results on Storm Point.

Image: EA
Image: EA

Crucially, their baseline was impressively high across the day. They only had one zero point game, with this squad earning at least eight points across the other five games. Such consistency is always going to yield strong results across the split.

The way this squad performs might not be the flashiest, but they have shown, somewhat like CCE did yesterday in North America, that the tried and tested low risk early rotate style works well if executed properly.

Top five:

  • aNc Outplayed - 61
  • NextUp - 58
  • GoNext Esports - 55
  • FA Kids - 49
  • DMS - 46

DMS show they can rock it in the big league

DMS, formerly known as Redragon, have been tearing it up in recent events. They broke the world record for a Match Point win and also steamrolled the Esports World Cup qualifiers.

However, both of these events did not include the very best of EMEA. The regions strongest teams were already qualified for the EWC, and obviously also were not present in the Pro League qualifier.

Fuse (Image: EA)
Fuse (Image: EA)

Although, DMS did step up well to the higher quality. Sure, they did not run away with the lobby as they have done in those events but they still were in the mix across the six games. They grabbed a very strong win in match 3, successfully navigating through Overlook to control a power position in the final zone.

The sheer weight of their presence in such an advantageous spot forced Aurora and aNc Outplayed to accept they were in a fight for second. This left DMS with a pretty simple clean up to take their first, but likely not last, win of this Pro League split.