Alliance won the ALGS Pro League Day 6, deploying the recently buffed Ash on their way to their first place finish.

Alliance made a strong return to the ALGS Pro League, they took a day 6 victory after a three week break. Eyebrows were raised when Alliance picked Ash, but the results across the six game series spoke for themselves and Alliance were on strong form all day.

Elsewhere, Myztro Gaming helped Pathfinder return to the ALGS, using the Skirmisher legend across all three Worlds Edge games.

Alliance trade one off meta pick for another

Alliance have always been prepared to innovate. They have started several trends in the Apex Legends pro community, the most recent being Rampart. Several teams have adopted, or at least tried, Rampart since Alliance showed the way with her in the first half of the split.

Now, they are attempting to forge a new meta. Ash received some minor buffs in the recent Collection Event patch as well as a heirloom. On the face of it, this was considered a pretty low value change. Clearly, Alliance felt otherwise and have been trialling Ash since the update dropped.

Yuki is no longer playing Rampart (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Yuki is no longer playing Rampart (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

They found immense success with her today, dropping two 20+ point games and excelling at team fighting. Of course, this cannot all be put down to Ash, but her kit compliments aggression. Her tether helps isolate players who can be quickly dispatched by one of the three Alliance players.

Alliance finding much more aggression

The adjustment from Rampart to Ash helped Alliance change their playstyle to rack up more kills across the six matches. Rampart is primarily a defensive legend, with her Controller class allowing her to see the next zone. Ash is the polar opposite, in the assault class. This gives her access to the 'Assault Bins', which provide smart loot. As a result, rotating around the map and taking your time to loot is even more beneficial.

Clearly, Alliance suit this more aggressive style. Their victory in Match five highlighted their immense fighting mechanics. Under immense pressure, Alliance Hakis hits the super glide over the truck and even after going down has the confidence to call for a "punch out" on the final opposition player.

Alliance Hakis is now on Ash (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Alliance Hakis is now on Ash (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Alliance are now all but assured a place at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in London. With Effect having a Visa secured already, they will be considered a top contender for the title.

Myztro bring Pathfinder back to the ALGS

Alliance weren't the only squad to have experimented with off meta picks during the ALGS three week break. Myztro Gaming brought Pathfinder to the ALGS today, using the former mainstay during their Worlds Edge games today.

Pathfinder hasn't seen a resurgence in ALGS since he benefitted from improvements to his zipline. He has however become the most picked legend in the wider game. With the new class system, combined with some tweaks to the distance and speed on the zipline, Pathfinders ultimate has a lot more value as a rotational tool.

Pathfinder is back in the ALGS!
Pathfinder is back in the ALGS!

Myztro Taxington reveals why Pathfinder works

Speaking to after the days games, in which Myztro placed 8th, Taxington on behalf of his teammates revealed why they have adopted Pathfinder.

"We play Pathfinder for rotates with [jump towers]. The zipline has a lower cooldown than Valk's and Wraiths ultimate. We have had issues getting out of Staging with the teams around us, so this is an easy solution. People say that Pathfinder is a troll pick, but Pathfinder offers us the same as Horizon for taking highground, and Valkyrie for redeploying around the map."

Pathfinders ultimate can be placed to the top of a jump tower, this allows you to safely and quickly hit a redeploy around the map, and this is a key aspect of what Myztro want to exploit with this pick.

Lots of Pathfinder players, like Mande, use his zipline to redeploy faster around the map.
Lots of Pathfinder players, like Mande, use his zipline to redeploy faster around the map.

When asked if Myztro will stick with Pathfinder for the rest of the split, Taxington was confident in his response.

"We will one hundred percent be playing him for the rest of the split."

Myztro sit in 16th in the overall leaderboard, slightly adrift from the automatic LAN qualification spots. They will need either a win in the regional finals, or some very impressive performances between now and then, to secure their spot at LAN.

Teams edge towards LAN spots

With the season rapidly drawing to a conclusion, several teams are edging towards a spot at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in London.

  • Vexed Gaming - 86
  • Fire Beavers - 83*
  • Alliance - 79*
  • Acend - 72
  • Pioneers - 69*
  • 2R1C - 60
  • SAF - 55
  • FUT Esports - 55
  • Horizon Union - 52*
  • JLingz - 52**

Teams denoted by an Asterix have played four game days, and JLingz have played only three.

Vexed, Fire Beavers and Alliance will all feel very confident of their spot at LAN, it would take something unbelievable for them to not find themselves in London in July competing for a share of the $1m prize pool.

The EMEA ALGS Pro League returns next Sunday.

For full ALGS Pro League results, check out our ALGS Score hub here.

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