The Split 2 playoffs have ended and viewership records that have been shattered. Join us as we break down Apex’ biggest event!

As the ALGS split 2 playoffs came to an exciting end and teams have safely returned home. The first LAN Apex event in over 2 years, teams came from all over the globe to compete. The event blew the community away with its production, wonderful personalities, memes, crazy plays and community celebrations. Here are the ALGS 2022 Split 2 Playoffs viewership statistics, it was the game’s biggest event yet.

Apex’s biggest tournament yet

Apex Legends is a young Esport, and due to COVID 19 there hasn’t been a LAN in a long time. The Split 2 playoffs was the first LAN event in 2 years, viewers from across the globe joined and watched the monumental event. 40 teams duked it out in Sweden where the dark horse, Reginite from Australia won came out on top.

There tons of amazing storylines from the ALGS Split 2 like team Unite or the unsigned Team Burgers. However, the dark horse tale of Reginite takes the cake. The Australian team that won the tournament while playing with a substitute of arguably the best controller player in the world.

ALGS viewership: 9.6 million hours watched!

The ALGS Split 2 playoffs was a 3 day long tournament only had around 33.5 total hours of airtime. However, with only 33.5 hours, there was an accumulated 9.6 million hours watched between all broadcasts. The peak viewership came during the final rounds, where viewership was at an all-time high of 676k spectators. Twitch was the main streaming platform that accounted for 70% of the viewership, while Youtube followed with 27%.

ALGS split 2 viewership
Full charts and breakdowns of the ALGS viewership from Esports Charts

Over the 140 different channels in which the ALGS Split 2 playoffs were streamed on, there was an accumulated 2 million hours watched. Unsurprisingly, famous twitch streamer iitztimmy accumulated a total of 1 million hours watched and Japanese tournament organizer Rage accumulated 845K hours watched.

The ALGS Split 2 playoffs blew all other Apex tournaments out of the water. The closest contender was Twitch Rivals which only amased 3.5 million hours compared to the Split 2 playoff’s 9.6 million.

ALGS split 2 viewership
The ALGS viewership in comparison to other tournaments.

But all the hours watched is phenominal news for Apex fans all over. There were concerns that Apex was in dire need of a LAN where teams could compete internationally. The results of the ALGS Split 2 show that this was a huge event, and hopefully Apex can continue to deliver phenominal events like this. We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. For more Apex content, check out our Apex category and stay tuned to!

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