ALGS Pro laheem “banned from competing in ALGS” cover image

ALGS Pro laheem “banned from competing in ALGS”

A LAN spot might be at risk.

ALGS Pro player Muhammad "laheem" Ilham has revealed he has been banned from playing in the ALGS. The 22-year old, signed to Heroez, made Apex Legends history when he qualified for the ALGS Sweden LAN playing from an internet cafe.

The ban laheem has received is an ALGS specific ban, not a game ban. This raises further complications about what the reason for the ban could be.

UPDATE: ALGS have informed Heroez that have lifted the ban, and laheem will be able to compete this weekend.

laheem in the dark on reason for ALGS ban

It seems that laheem has not been provided a reason for his ALGS ban. As a player who has competed since 2019, including at the Sweden LAN, it is a major surprise to see an ALGS ban handed out. There was certainly never any suspicions around laheem, and his performance at the Sweden LAN was in line with his performance in online events.

Heroez coach, Fajar "Salvatorez" Rofianto, speculated on social media that the internet cafe may be the reason for his ban. laheem still plays from an internet cafe, including in the current ALGS Pro League split.

The assumption from Heroez is that someone else has triggered a ban by playing from the same cafe. All users would share the same ID, and anyone using the same PC would also share hardware IDs.

However, with no in game ban on laheem's Apex Legends account it is unusual if this is a ban for cheating. Usually, you would be banned in game as well as via ALGS.

Spot at LAN on the line

This ban comes on the morning of the final game-day of action in APAC South's Pro League. After this weekend, the region will move onto their Regional Finals.

Heroez, with laheem currently sit in not just a spot to qualify for Regional Finals but for ALGS LAN too. Heroez are 4th in APAC South. They have a great shot at being one of the eight representatives of APAC South at the Split 1 Playoffs.

This seemed like an incredible accomplishment, with laheem still competing in ALGS via an internet cafe. Now, Heroez fate may lie not with their ability to perform, but with ALGS admins. Heroez are desperately trying to reach out to admins to get the ban overturned, or find out the reasoning behind it. has reached out to the ALGS for comment on this ban.