Hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizing has been sent in error, to the wrong players.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars has seemingly been paid out to the wrong ALGS competitors. The payments for ALGS Split 1 seem to have gone horribly wrong, with countless players reporting they have been sent the incorrect amount of prize money.

While some players are annoyed at being underpaid, a small handful have been sent a six figure sum in error.

It is not currently clear what will happen with the money that has been paid in error.

A spokesperson for the ESL FACEIT Group, who are handling the payment, told "Due to a systems error, a number of players in recent Apex Legends Global Series competitions received incorrect prize payouts. As the partner responsible for prize fulfilment, we’re working to quickly resolve this issue and ensure that all players receive the correct prize payouts."

$100,000 of ALGS prize money sent to wrong player

Several players have reported getting the wrong amount of ALGS prize money today. The payments, which relate to Split 1, are handled by broadcast producer Esports Engine, rather than EA directly.

Prize money is paid to individual players, and is paid pro-rata for players who did not compete in all games. So if you played for a single week, you'd get a reduced down amount of money split with other members of the team over the split.

Somehow, this process has gone horribly wrong. North American pro Zeddo, who competed for Native Gaming for two weeks. Native Gaming finished 16th, earning the entire team $2,000. This was to be divided between everyone who competed during the split on the team. Native Gaming did not compete at the Split 1 Playoffs.

Instead, Zeddo has been sent $100,000 in prizing. This is included the message "Congrats on winning in ALGS NA Pro League Split 1." However, the first place prizing for the entire winning team is only supposed to be $20,000. has seen screenshots verifying that this was the amount sent, and that it has landed in Zeddo's Paypal account. This prizing would move Zeddo up to around 53rd in the Apex Legends highest earners leaderboard.

EMEA Pro Xeriffer, who finished 29th with 40%Worse, earning a team prize of $1,500 also claimed he was sent $100,000 in ALGS prize money by Esports Engine.

However, upon further investigation, this appears to be a classic "bait" from the EMEA Pro. It is not currently clear if anyone besides Zeddo has been impacted.

Other players report missing ALGS prize money

Not everyone is a winner in this mix up. Several players, including Shooby, Tylerfps, Kimchi and Gnaske have all reported that they have not been correctly paid. All of these players report an underpayment, instead of an overpayment. Some players report not being paid at all yet for Split 1.

It is not clear what will happen to Zeddo, Xeriffer, and anyone else who has been overpaid prize money. Clearly, this is a major mix up, but finances can get complicated when money is sent to the wrong place.

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