Servers are bound to go down from time to time.

The highly-anticipated Ubisoft shooter XDefiant is set to launch at the end of May fully, but as with every big release, players should expect technical problems that will take down the XDefiant servers.

There are, however, enough methods to check whether or not XDefiant servers are down if you find yourself stuck on the menu. Here's how you check XDefiant's server status.

How to check XDefiant's server status

  1. Check Ubisoft's Connectivity and Performance page for XDefiant.
  2. Check XDefiant's page on X.
  3. Access websites like Downdetector and search if other users reported XDefiant is down.

Going through these three options should be enough to discover whether or not XDefiant servers are down. In case there's a server outage, there's not much players can do but wait until Ubisoft fixes the problem and brings the servers back up.

Why are XDefiant's servers down?

Even if XDefiant's servers are down, they'll typically go back up after a couple of hours (Image via Ubisoft)
Even if XDefiant's servers are down, they'll typically go back up after a couple of hours (Image via Ubisoft)

There could be a bunch of reasons behind a server outage in XDefiant. Generally speaking, servers can down because there are lots of players trying to play at the same time, or because the developers are doing maintenance.

Ubisoft, however, will most likely announce when the developers will take the XDefiant servers down to roll out an update — hence why it's important to check their website and socials before troubleshooting your PC.

How to fix my connection if XDefiant servers are working normally

  1. Restart your PC or console first.
  2. If it doesn't work, restart your router.
  3. In case your internet is down, reach out to your ISP.
  4. If your internet is working, uninstall XDefiant and install it again.
  5. If the problem persists, contact Ubisoft's support.

Normally, if you're having trouble logging in to XDefiant despite the server's functioning, you should restart your PC or console and check if your internet is working.

If your connection is down, it's best to contact the ISP — especially if it's a long outage. In case there's nothing wrong with your internet, reinstalling XDefiant could solve corrupted or missing files.

In case none of these solutions above work, it's best to contact Ubisoft and tell them what's happening so they can try to fix your problem.

That's all for now. Stay tuned to for more XDefiant news and guides.

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