It’s important to know that if you play on different platforms.

Ubisoft expands its presence in the First-Person Shooters genre with the new game XDefiant. It’s an impressively big project, available on various gaming devices. Is crossplay available in XDefiant? Is it possible to have cross-progression across your accounts? Check out the answers here!

XDefiant factions (image via Ubisoft)
XDefiant factions (image via Ubisoft)

Is XDefiant crossplay? 

Yes, XDefiant supports crossplay across all the devices.

The game is available on:

  • PC (via Ubisoft Connect)
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series S/X

Regardless of the platform you and your friends are playing XDefiant on, you can all gather together in one match. The crossplay feature was available even during the public test.

Does XDefiant have cross-progression?

Like with other Ubisoft games, like Rainbow Sig Siege, cross-progression in XDefiant is available via your Ubisoft account.

  1. Create a Ubisoft account or log in to one.
  2. Connect your PlayStation (PSN) and Xbox accounts to it.

It’s a great feature, and it should be enabled for all big modern games. You switch devices, and you still have access to all your unlocked items. You progress on one platform, and then you catch from the same point on another.

What is XDefiant?

It’s an arena shooter developed by Ubisoft. The game’s primary features include factions of characters to provide players with a variety of abilities — and help them highlight their personal skills. Each XDefiant team consists of six players. The choice of factions opens impressive opportunities for different teamplay strategies.

XDefiant is a free-to-play game. New content will be released for it via seasons: new factions, weapons, new maps, cosmetic items, etc.

On the release (May 21, 2024), XDefiant comes with five weapons, five modes, and 24 weapons. The shooting matches take place on 14 maps. The game has recieved positive feedback from players. It competes with other big titles in the genre, such as Valorant and Call of Duty. For everything else related to XDefiant, stick around on!

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