There are many ways to report bugs and errors in XDefiant.

XDefiant is launching in less than a week! A lot of eager fans are standing by to play this Ubisoft shooter, with many already downloading XDefiant's pre-load. But as it typically goes with game launches, you will likely stumble upon plenty of game bugs and errors. You can help by reporting this to the developers.

How to report game bugs and errors in XDefiant

There are many ways to report game bugs, errors, or any in-game issues in XDefiant. Here are four options to choose from.

Option one: Open a new case via Ubisoft Support

Click on this link to contact Ubisoft Support. Select XDefiant and the platform you're playing on when you stumbled upon the bug. Then select the appropriate category below. In the case of game bugs and errors, you should select the "Information and Troubleshooting" category which covers in-game issues.

You can then select a sub-category which asks for a more specific description of your case. This depends on what bug or error you experienced. In cases of in-game bugs, select "Technical Issues".

Ubisoft Support will then suggest articles that may have already solved your case. But if no articles do so, you can proceed to report the bug you found in XDefiant.

Fill in the text box to fully describe the in-game bug you experienced. It is better if you have a screenshot that you can add via "+Add Files" to strengthen your case. Click on the "Open Case" button below to file the report.

Option two: Report the bug on Ubisoft's Discord

Another way to get your voice heard is via Ubisoft's official Discord channel. You can join Ubisoft's Discord by clicking this link and select XDefiant as your role.

Spot the "bug-reports" channel under the "XDefiant Server Test" category. There, you can create a post and report the in-game bug you experienced. You can also scroll down to see if other users have reported the same bug. Click on the comments icon to read if it's noticed or solved.

Option three: Report the bug on Reddit

There is a massive XDefiant sub-reddit filled with more than 24,000 community members. Although it is not officially run by Ubisoft, plenty of XDefiant developers often read and interact in the sub-reddit. You can get them to notice the bug by making a post on XDefiant's Reddit.

Option four: Report the bug on Ubisoft Support's Twitter

Another option is to make a public post on Twitter/X and tagging @UbisoftSupport. The Twitter account is active in handling user reports on the platform. It is also communicative and will most certainly respond to your bug report.

That is all the main methods we have on how to report bugs in XDefiant. Make sure to be patient as you wait for bug fixes as the game is still in its early phase. You can read more XDefiant news and updates here on!