The Playlist not found error has been one of the most frustrating ones on launch day.

XDefiant is one of the most anticipated game launches for May 2024 and the game released to much fanfare. However, the launch has not been very smooth with quite a few errors and issues popping up. One of these issues is the Playlist Not Found Error which prevents players from playing the game. Here’s how to fix the XDefinat Playlist not Found error in XDefiant.

Ubisoft is also aware of the connection issues and they have acknowledged there are issues. While they are working on a fix, there are a few steps that you can go through to ensure there is no problem on your end.

How to Fix the XDefiant Playlist not Found error?

Here are a few recommended steps to fix the XDefiant Playlist not Found error. You can also choose to simply wait it out, but everyone’s been trying to get their hands on the game and get ahead of their peers faster.

Change the Playlist

We recommend changing the Playlist to try to find a game. The default playlist is the Welcome Playlist, but right next to that you can view all playlists. Here are all the Playlists in XDefiant:

  • Welcome Playlist
  • Escort
  • Zone Control
  • Domination
  • Occupy
  • Hotshot

Restart Internet

The Playlist not Found error is surprisingly related to a connection issue with the servers. You can try to restart your internet to ensure you have a stable and fast connection. You can do so by switching off the router, waiting a few seconds, and then switching it back up again. 

Restart the game and PC

Restarting the game ensures that any corrupted files will re-download and become available for the next game launch. Restarting the PC can also help, but in most cases, simply restarting the game works wonders. 

Wait for Ubisoft to Fix it

The final step is to simply wait for Ubisoft to fix it. Most of the issues on Day 1 are due to server capacity issues over at Ubisoft. Ubisoft has acknowledged most of these issues and are working hard to fix them. 

What is the Playlist not Found Error in XDefiant?

The Playlist Not Found error in XDefiant is related to the launch day game issues. Players have had trouble connecting to the servers at launch. If they get into the game and try to find a match, they are greeted with the Playlist not Found error. 

While waiting for Ubisoft to fix the issue is a solution, we also recommend going through the checklist above. This will ensure that you are ready to hop into the game as soon as any issues are sorted by Ubisoft. 

Besides the Playlist error, there are also reports of the UNIFORM-01 Error code that is causing connectivity issues. 

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