If you’re experiencing the no music bug in Wuthering Waves, you’re definitely not alone. Here are the solutions the community has found.

Wuthering Waves may have been the most downloaded game in 100 countries but a persistent audio bug is causing players to have no music in-game. Yes, it's not just your imagination.

The bug was caused by the 1.0.19 patch on May 27, and leads to the music and background effects simply not playing. However, sounds from combat and characters still work - although sometimes they have a slight delay.

Rover trying to hear in-game music
Rover trying to hear in-game music

How to fix Wuthering Waves music not playing bug?

There is currently no official method to resolve the no music bug in Wuthering Waves, but the most consistent solution players have shared is to simply restart the game or to return to the Main Menu. This is a bit of a pain as it forces you to log-in again, but who wants to play missions with no sound?

While we wait for an official update, Wuthering Waves players have also reported potential workarounds and tips to reset the music without logging out.

Based on user feedback to fix the no music bug you can try to:

  • Enter a domain (such as Tower of Adversity) to reset the music
  • Enter Skill Training and then return to Overworld to reset the music
  • Avoid teleporting between locations
  • Avoid alt-tabbing out of the application

Kuro Games will likely come up with a permanent solution to the problem but for now you can try the suggestions above. If all else fails you can also consider updating your audio drivers or checking the sounds settings in-game.

Scar from Wuthering Waves
Scar from Wuthering Waves

The Wuthering Waves no music bug is not the first major technical glitch, with players still experiencing stuttering while playing, particularly on PC. If you're experiencing those problems be sure to check out guide link below.