She could be the best Spectro DPS.

Here are all of the details on the Jinhsi skills and full kit as she becomes playable in the most recent Wuthering Waves update.

Jinhsi is a 5-star Spectro Broadblade character. We meet her during the main story in version 1.0 and she finally became playable in Wuthering Waves 1.1.

Wuthering Waves: Jinhsi kit and skills

Jinhsi combat skills

Basic Attack: Slash of Breaking Dawn

Basic Attack

  • Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG

Heavy Attack

  • Perform a charged attack by consuming Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.

Mid-Air Attack

  • Perform a Plunging Attack while in mid-air by consuming Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.

Dodge Counter

  • Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to counterattack, dealing Spectro DMG.

Resonance Skill: Trailing Lights of Eons

Dash forward and perform consecutive strikes that inflict Spectro DMG.

Overflowing Radiance

  • After Jinhsi uses Basic Attack 4 or, while not in Incarnation, Intro Skill Loong's Halo, and Alternative Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance becomes available within 5 seconds.
  • Resonance Skill: Overflowing Radiance inflicts Spectro DMG and sends Jinhsi into Incarnation.
  • Can be cast in mid-air.

Resonance Liberation: Purge of Light

Unleash the power of a heart's wish to deal Spectro DMG.

  • Can be cast in mid-air.

Jinhsi: passive skills

Inherent Skill: Radiant Surge

Jinhsi's Spectro DMG Bonus is increased by 20%.

Inherent Skill: Converged Flash

Intro Skill Loong's Halo gains 50% additional DMG.

Intro Skill: Loong's Halo

Attack the target, dealing Spectro DMG.

Outro Skill: Temporal Bender

With the power homologous with the Sentinel, Jinhsi reduces the Cooldown of Eras in Unity to 1s. This lasts for 20s.

Forte Circuit: Luminal Synthesis


While in Incarnation:

  • Alternative Basic Attack "Incarnation: Basic Attack" becomes available. Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG. The basic attack cycle of this will not be reset. Can be cast in mid-air.
  • Alternative Resonance Skill "Crescent Divinity" becomes available. Deal Spectro DMG. Can be cast in mid-air.
  • Alternative Heavy Attack "Incarnation: Heavy Attack" becomes available. Attack the target in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
  • Alternative Dodge "Incarnation: Dodge" becomes available while airborne. Can be cast multiple times at the cost of Stamina.
  • Alternative Dodge Counter "Incarnation: Dodge Counter" becomes available. Deal Spectro Damage.
  • Can be cast in mid-air.

Resonance Skill: Illuminous Epiphany

After Stage 4 of Incarnation: Basic Attack, Incarnation terminates and Jinhsi gains Ordination Glow.

Can be cast in mid-air.

While Ordination Glow lasts:

  • Basic Attack is replaced with the Alternative Heavy Attack "Incarnation: Heavy Attack" when airborne. Attack the target in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
  • Resonance Skill is replaced with Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany. Send out Solar Flare that detonates as Stella Glamour that deals Spectro Damage after a short delay. When Jinhsi has "Incandescence", consume up to 40 Incandescence, each point of Incandescence grants an additional DMG multiplier percentage to the Star Glamour. Can be cast in mid-air.
    After casting Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, Jinhsi gains Unison. This can be triggered once in 25s.


While Jinhsi has Unison, switching to other Characters will remove Jinhsi's Unison to trigger Jinhsi's Outro Skill and the incoming character's Intro Skill. Unison will be consumed in priority in place of Concerto Energy when Concerto Energy is full.


Jinhsi can hold up to 40 Incandescence.

When Jinhsi is on the team, all nearby characters on the team gain Eras in Unity. When characters with Eras in Unity deal Damage with an attribute, Jinhsi gains 1 Incandescence. Damage of the same attribute can provide up to 1 Incandescence every 3s.

Wuthering Waves: Jinhsi Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1: Abyssal Ascension

  • When Jinhsi casts Basic Attack "Incarnation: Basic Attack" or Resonance Skill "Crescent Divinity", gain one stack of Herald of Revival, which stacks up to 4 times and last for 6s. When casting Resonance Skill "Illuminous Epiphany", Jinhsi consumes all stacks of Herald of Revival. Each stack increases the DMG of Resonance Skill "Illuminous Epiphany" by 20%.

Sequence Node 2: Chronofrost Repose

  • Jinhsi recovers 40 Incandescence while staying out of combat for more than 4s. This effect can only be triggered 1 every 4s.

Sequence Node 3: Celestial Incarnate

  • Gain 12 Incandescence and a stack of Immortal's Descendancy after casting Intro Skill Loong's Halo. Every stack of Immortal's Descendancy increases ATK by 25%, for up to 2 stacks, lasting for 20s.

Sequence Node 4: Benevolent Grace

  • When casting Resonance Liberation Purge of Light or Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, all nearby Characters in the team gain DMG Bonus for all attributes by 20% for 20s.

Sequence Node 5: Frostfire Illumination

  • The DMG Multiplier of Resonance Liberation Purge of Evil is increased by 120%.

Sequence Node 6: Comes Spring when Chill Exhausts

  • DMG Multiplier percentage for Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany is increased by 45%. The multiplier increase brought by Incandescence is additionally increased by 71%.

Jinhsi became playable on Wuthering Waves version 1.1.