Confused by the new Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic Season of Discovery? Here’s a list of each one, plus how to turn in to Supply Officers.

Welcome to the Season of Discovery, where everything is different and the levels don't matter! If you logged in yesterday (and somehow got through the queue) then you may be wondering what's new in this burgeoning World of Warcraft variant. Added to this season is a new drop called Waylaid Supplies, meant as a new reward turn-in for WoW Classic.

However, the game does little to explain what Waylaid Supplies are, where Supply Officers are located, or what to even do. Is it worth your time? Let's look at the various and discover the answers, together.

What are Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery?

<em>Credit: Blizzard</em>
Credit: Blizzard

A new kind of potential item drop off enemy mobs, Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic hold potential rewards. However, it's up to the player if they want to turn in those supplies as is for a small reward or complete the shipment. In this case, it means gathering or creating the specified amount of items on the Waylaid Supplies.

Here's the full list of potential Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic. Keep in mind that you may only carry one Waylaid Supplies item at a time.

Full list of Supplies in Season of Discovery, 1-25

Waylaid Supplies Item
Where To Find
Light LeatherDrop
Runed Copper PantsRattlecage Soldier- Tirisfal Glades
Handstitched Leather BeltsDrop
Brown Linen RobesDrop
Heavy Linen BandagesDrop
Minor Healing PotionsDrop
Healing PotionsDrop
Rough Copper BombsDrop
Lesser Mana PotionsDrop
Rough BoomsticksDrop
Medium LeatherDrop
Embossed Leather VestsDrop
Copper ShortswordsDrop
Brown Linen PantsDrop
Brilliant SmallfishDrop
Waylaid SuppliesDrop
Rough StoneDrop
Silver BarsDrop
Rough Bronze BootsDrop
Lesser Magic WandsDrop
Minor Wizard OilDrop
Waylaid SuppliesDrop
Silver Skeleton Keys: Waylaid SuppliesDrop
Dark Leather CloaksDrop
Heavy Wool BandagesDrop
Pearl-Clasped CloaksDrop
Goblin Deviled ClamsDrop
Minor Mana OilDrop
Small Bronze BombsDrop
Smoked SagefishDrop
Smoked Bear MeatDrop
Hillman's ShouldersDrop
Ornate SpyglassesDrop
Gray Woolen ShirtsDrop
Elixir of FirepowerDrop

Now, where do you turn these goodies in?

How to find Supply Officers in SoD

<em>Credit: Blizzard</em>
Credit: Blizzard

Supply Officers are located in all of the major capitals. Here's the full list:

Horde Supply officers in Season of Discovery

  • Jornah, Supply Officer in Orgrimmar – 51.65, 63.94 coordinates
  • Gishah, Supply Officer in Undercity, upper ring - 64.57, 38.56 coordinates
  • Dokimi, Supply Officer in Thunder Bluff, lowest level - 39.53, 53.79 coordinates

Alliance Supply officers in Season of Discovery

  • Elaine Compton, Supply Officer in Stormwind – 54.67, 61.14 coordinates
  • Tamelyn Aldridge, Supply Officer in Ironforge – 25.4 67.8 coordinates
  • Marcy Baker, Supply Officer in Darnassus – 60.0 56.4 coordinates

Is the rewards worth the hike back to a big city? Yes and no. The money scales as you level, so while the rewards for turning in an empty box aren't impressive, it can be for completing the supply chain. The choice is yours as you continue your season of Season of Discovery!

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