Need a bit more loot in your life? Check out these pieces of WoW Dragonflight treasure found in the Waking Shores, including a nifty 34 slot bag!

If you've played WoW long enough then you already know and expect that Dragonflight has its fill of open world treasure. In addition to Dragon Glyphs and scout's expedition bags there's also a number of hidden items in the Waking Shores. Tied to the achievement Treasures of the Waking Shores, collecting these eight items not only nets you the cheevo but some interesting loot as well. This includes a unique, 34 slot bag that may just help you break the auction house blues, at least for one bag slot.

Let's take a look at how you too can be the Scrooge McDuck of Azeroth, scaling the tallest mountains for piles of treasure.

Dragonflight treasure is in the bag

Honestly, getting bigger bags each expansion can get pricey and bothersome in a hurry. If you aren't taking tailoring solely for bag creation you're essentially at the mercy of your server's auction house. This can range anywhere right now from 300g to 800g, so why not save some scratch and get a free bag?

While many bits of treasure in WoW Dragonflight are out in the open the Misty Satchel is going to take a bit of sightseeing over to coordinates 59,53. For those without GPS, this is directly north of the Ruby Life Pools flight path in the Waking Shores. Fly through the mouth of the waterfall found in the lake and claim your prize.

Go fly a kite

If you're a desperate toy fanatic then your next trip should be up a tree. Specifically, this tree at /way 46.71 31.21 is Yennu's Kite, found just below the Uktulut Pier flight path in northern Waking Shores. You'll know you're in the right place if you see the NPCs Cynthia Cloudwhisper & Travis Moreau. At the top branch on the left is your kite treasure.

Dead Man's Chest(plate)

The third piece of notable treasure for this achievement is found northwest of the Skytop Observatory. A tower with a cracked floor at the waypoint /way 69.31 46.58 will lead players to their treasure next to a skeleton. The cool thing about the cosmetic equipment is that it changes based on your armor class. This also means that you'll need to collect it for all four types of armor if a complete set is desired.

There are many more treasures around the Dragon Isles, so get out there and go explore! And while exploring keep an eye on for more WoW dragonflight news and treasure drops.

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