While Dragonriding is all the rage these days, here’s how to get your very own Temperamental Skyclaw flying mount in WoW: Dragonflight.

It seems these days in World of Warcraft that regular flying mounts are old and busted while Dragonriding is the new hotness. Well, leave it to Blizzard to drop a few prizes into the Dragon Isles. This secret will leave you wanting to head back to Orgrimmar to show off your new friend. The Temperamental Skyclaw Dragonflight flying mount is a unique model mount that isn't too difficult to get. All you'll need is... um....

A big pile of meat. Sure. Okay. Let's take a look at the... meat.

Getting the Temperamental Skyclaw mount: Meat Mode

<em>Do not feed after midnight.</em>
Do not feed after midnight.

Your first step will be heading to the Azure Span and the Three-Falls Lookout camp on the western side. For those of you with GPS, the waypoint is "/way #2024 19.8 23.99 Temperamental Skyclaw". Located at the camp is an NPC named Zon'Wogi, who makes mention that the local Gnolls attempted to train a Skyclaw to fly but its only motivation appears to be food. If you're expecting any more of a hint past this in-game then you're out of luck. However, all this means is that it's time to gather massive mounds of meaty goodness for our fox friend.

You'll need to acquire 20 stacks of three food items: Flash-Frozen Meat, Gnolan's House Special, and Tuskarr Jerky. Once you get all the required noms just head back to Zon'Wogi, give up the goods, and get your mount.

Now, here's a secret shortcut: All three of these items can be bought on the Auction House! If you're looking to save time and are currently sitting on a massive pile of gold then just take the easy way out.

For the rest of you, here's the details.

Temperamental Skyclaw Mount Meat One: Flash-Frozen Meat

The Flash-Frozen Meat has the lowest drop chance, so be prepared to grind on some Snowhide Gnolls. Your waypoint is "/way #2024 57.95 43.31 Flash Frozen Meat".

Meat Two: Gnolan's House Special

Head over to the Brackenhide Waterhole near the Hollow and look for a gigantic tree with an inn. Your waypoint is "/way #2024 22.77 43.58 Gnolan's House Special". Inside you'll want to kill Inn Gnolls for the Gnolan's House Special drop. Once again, the drop rate is low so I hope you're not busy.

Meat Three: Tuskar Jerky

<em>...Is that?</em>
...Is that?

The final meat stack is just north of Camp Nowhere, located at waypoint "/way #2024 33.60 47.49 Tuskarr Jerky". Here you'll be killing Forest Gnolls that drop the needed item, with a much better drop rate to boot.

After that, it's just as simple as taking your sixty pieces of meat back to Three-Falls Lookout, hand over the meat, and get your new Temperamental Skyclaw mount!

Happy meat-hunting!

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