Lose your kite? Have no fear, we’re here to tell you how to find the Lost Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight for the Dragonscale Expedition weekly!

Of all the unspoken secrets of the sea to discover in Azeroth the most frustrating for current players is how to find the Lost Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight. A weekly quest that comes from the Dragonscale Expedition faction, the kite in-question isn't so much lost as it is sorely misplaced. However, good news is abound in this Christmas season: We're here to step you through where to find the quest and the location of our dear, misplaced kite. All will be well. Let's get into it!

Where is the Lost Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight?

<em>Uktulut Pier is circled in red on the above map.</em>
Uktulut Pier is circled in red on the above map.

The weekly Dragonscale Expedition quest Wanted: Lost Tuskarr Kite is why you'll need the Lost Tuskarr Kite. To find the kite you must head to Uktulut Pier in the Waking Shores, found at /way 45.86 27.52. When the turtle ferry the Lost Arvillo makes its stop at the Pier from Uktulut Outpost you'll find the Lost Tuskarr Kite behind the boat, in the water. Click on the Kite and return it to Cataloger Jakes for your reward.

The quest kicks off at Dragonscale Basecamp, found on a WANTED flyer around the camp that serves as the faction's weekly quests. Here's the quest dialog that kicks off the kite search:

<The posted sign is written in beautiful calligraphy.> The archivists humbly request that all expedition members seek out the Lost Tuskarr Kite for our artifact archives. If acquired, please deliver to Cataloger Jakes for processing and compensation. Some expedition members have reported seeing such a kite attached to a tuskarr transport along the western coast, but none have been able to reach it as the transport keeps it aloft and out of reach when traveling.

WANTED: Tuskarr Kite

The reward for your kite-based troubles is a bunch of Dragon Isles Supplies and 250XP reputation with the Dragonscale Expedition. Not a bad haul for literally picking up some trash, huh?

Keep an eye out on esports.gg for more kite-based shenanigans across the Dragon Isles.

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