Ready to save some pets? here’s some help completing the WoW Dragonflight quest An Amazing Journey, including how to save that darn cat.

Leave it to WoW shenanigans to make it hard to solve the Dragonflight quest An Amazing Journey. If you've been out in the Ohn'ahran Plains you've stumbled across a number of quests that involve saving animals. However, this particular excursion involving the Maruuk Centaur involves a Disney reference and--as most things should--putting a cat on top of your head. What's the deal? Allow us to step you through the specifics of the quest and get you on your way.

How to finish the WoW quest An Amazing Journey

The WoW quest An Amazing Journey kicks off with the NPC Toluiqi, on the west side of the river flowing north and south. This is just above Forkriver Crossing. The centaur will task the player with locating three pets, Suder, Sassa, and Zaya. All three can be found around the island formed around the river convergence that surrounds the Crossing. The quest dialog:

A few of the clan's pets ended up getting lost along the last journey between camps. They're not hunting animals so I doubt they can take care of themselves properly out there! Do you think you could go search for them? They may not be hunting partners, but they're important members of the clan regardless!


While Suder and Zaya are easy enough to find, some players are struggling with what to do about the cat, Sassa. The cat is stuck on a log in the river. Click on the cat and suddenly it will be on your head, with a 5 minute buff now on your status bar. Once you have the cat on your head simply swim over to the shoreline. If the cat despawns or isn't there you'll need to speak with Trader Urtusk at the Crossing first.

The entire questline is in reference to the 1963 Disney film The Incredible Journey. The movie is a story about three pets that end up in the Canadian wilderness and must find a way home. Younger fans may better remember the 1993 remake, Homeward Bound starring Michael J. Fox.

Journey, completed

The reward for your troubles of completing An Amazing Journey include some XP and Maruuk Centaur reputation. Gee, you'd think the centaurs would be more grateful?

Check back with for more Disney-based quests of cat-saving.

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