VALORANT Strat Roulette will give you and your team a random strat for the round that is sure to keep things spicy.

There are always multiple playstyles in gaming. Maybe you're aggressive or perhaps you like to be stealthy and flank. On top of that, there are even crazier ways to play. That's where VALORANT Strat Roulette comes in with the Riot Games first-person shooter.

With the site or application, depending on which you utilize, you can make a game of VALORANT more fun, frustrating, mindboggling, or all of the above. VALORANT Strat Roulette gives you an objective on how to play and its you and your team's job to stick to it.

What is VALORANT Strat Roulette?

VALORANT Strat Roulette is simple. There's a couple of sites and apps you can use to randomize your strategy. You just head over to the website or open the app on your phone. From there, you can receive a random, oftentimes ludicrous, strategy to take into your next round.

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It is important to note that you should really only do this in unrated VALORANT matches with a full team of five. Otherwise, you'll get into a match with a teammate who might not play along and griefing like this in the competitive queue will tank your precious Act Rank.

How to get random strats to keep things interesting

There are a couple of sites available and even a Google Play Store app that lets you begin your VALORANT Strat Roulette party. They are mostly out of date in terms of Agents and maps available, but the strats given aren't specific enough for that to be an issue.

They all typically function the same so follow these steps:

  • Pick a map and Agents (on some websites) if you'd like
  • Select Attackers or Defenders, as this is perhaps the most important option
  • Choose to roll for a strategy and employ that during the next round of play

After randomizing strategies, you'll find some wild tasks to uphold. It might tell you to hide in spawn until the Spike is planted. You could be forced to crouch for the entire round. There's even a strat that says every player still alive has to shoutcast their actions.

If you are feeling creative, skip the sites and apps and do it yourself. Draw your own made up strats from a hat or let a teammate come up with something insane. It can make for a fun time if your team is bored after queuing into Icebox a dozen times in a row.

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