VALORANT Lunar New Year 2024 Bundle: Xerofang skins, price, and release date cover image

VALORANT Lunar New Year 2024 Bundle: Xerofang skins, price, and release date

XERØFANG, a VALORANT Lunar New Year 2024 bundle has arrived in-game, so you can celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

As they typically do in VALORANT, the Lunar New Year 2024 bundle was leaked in advance by a variety of sources. Riot Games has now officially revealed it with, the name Xerofang. Stylized as XERØFANG. We've got everything you need to know about this skin collection, where luxury meets lethality.

VALORANT Lunar New Year 2024 bundle skins and accessories

The original leaked image of the VALORANT Lunar New Year 2024 bundle showed a couple of skins and accessories. It is the Year of the Dragon, so the bundle reflects that. With the XERØFANG set official, here's what is included:

  • Ghost
  • Vandal
  • Knife
  • Spray
  • Player Card
  • Gun Buddy

The base version is a gold and red color, with variants of black and white, pink and purple, and silver and blue. Upgrade it with Radianite to unlock additional sounds, animations, and an awesome finisher.

The latter sees the final enemy of a round burst into different shapes that come back together to form the same dragon head you see as the Gun Buddy.

Price of the bundle

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The bundle isn't the priciest we've seen in VALORANT, but it is still fairly costly. You'll need to drop a total of 6,355 VALORANT Points for the entire Lunar New Year bundle. You can also buy items individually.

If that's how you want to go about it, the two XERØFANG gun skins are 1,775 VP each. The knife is 4,350 VP. And the accessories are 325 VP for the Spray, 375 VP for the Player Card, and 475 VP for a pair of Gun Buddies.

When does the VALORANT Lunar New Year 2024 bundle release?

The Year of the Dragon kicks off in February. The Lunar New Year is celebrated in 2024 on February 10, so it only makes sense that this bundle is available to ring it in. It went live on February 7, but won't be available forever.

Per the countdown in the VALORANT Shop, XERØFANG is only available for 14 days. That means the Lunar New Year Bundle is gone when the store resets on February 21. And don't expect any Night Market appearances from this collection in the near future.

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