Check your email for your VALORANT Flashback 2023 cover image

Check your email for your VALORANT Flashback 2023

If you chose to opt-in to Riot Games communications, you should have your VALORANT Flashback 2023 waiting for you in your email inbox.

The year is almost over. If you're a VALORANT fan, you can see how it went down with your Flashback for 2023. Riot Games sends it out in December, giving you a look at a variety of categories ranging from most wins with an Agent to the Agent that killed you the most.

How to get your VALORANT Flashback 2023

The unfortunate news is that you can no longer opt-in to the VALORANT Flashback 2023. You would have had to have done so on December 13. There is no way to request one at this point, after Riot Games has started sending it out.

Prior, you could have followed these steps:

  1. Go to the Account Management section
  2. Scroll all the way down to Communication Preferences
  3. Make sure the box is checked for Communication from Riot Games
  4. Wait to receive your VALORANT Flashback 2023 in your email inbox associated with your Riot Games account

If you didn't have the box checked for this year, you can certainly do so and play plenty of VALORANT in 2024. Just leave it checked and don't change it to ensure that you can get next year's Flashback if you missed out on this one.

Contents of the year-end recap

So, what exactly can do you see in your VALORANT Flashback 2023? The Riot Games team has put together some fun stats to tell you how you performed throughout the year:

  • Your KDA for the year
  • Matches won
  • Total damage dealt
  • Most played game mode
  • Your most played Agent, Agent you have the highest KDA with, and Agent you have the most wins with
  • Your most played role and Agent that killed you the most
  • The map you have the highest KDA on and the map you have the most wins on
  • Friend you played with the most
  • KDA, win rate, damage, and headshot accuracy compared to your friends
  • Amount of Aces, First Bloods, times as a First Blood victim, and Clutches
  • Kills with abilities, kills with melee, and deaths to melee
  • Your KDA, total wins, damage dealt, and time played compared to last year

And that does it for your VALORANT Flashback 2023. Let's see some improvement when next year's edition gets sent out!

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