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Delta Damage in Valorant explained


This simple but effective statistic helps determine your contribution to a match.

Even though Valorant agents have abilities, the core of the game still relies on aim. One of the highlights when Riot announced Valorant was their commitment to rewarding better aim. As such statistics play an important role in a player’s career. The number of kills he’s got, his ACS, and other stats play a crucial role in helping others evaluate his career performance. One such statistic is the Delta Damage in Valorant. Here’s all we know about Delta Damage and how it accurately reflects your performance.

What is Delta Damage in Valorant?

Delta Damage in Valorant is an indicator of your contribution to the match.
Delta Damage in Valorant is an indicator of your contribution to the match.

Delta Damage is a statistic that is not visible within the game. However, you might have seen pros talking about this stat and probably a few of your Valorant friends might also discuss this statistic. Delta Damage is a statistic in Valorant StatsCenter, created by Aimlabs. 

Simply put, Delta Damage is the difference between damage dealt and damage received. So if you deal more damage in a game than you receive, your Delta damage will be positive and vice versa. 

Why is this statistic so important? Well, quite often you might damage an opponent for 120 but you die to him. You don’t get the statistic for the assist but you do have your death counter go up by one. The Delta Damage is a good measure of how much an individual user is contributing to the game. Ideally, you want to have a positive Delta Damage. 

Is negative Delta a deal-breaker?

Yes and No. Valorant is a very strategic game. Quite often, if you play smart you might win the round even though you don’t deal a lot of damage. Let’s imagine a 1v1 scenario where the opponent is trying to defuse the spike. You are in a post-plant situation with only 10HP. There’s a very high chance of you losing the round if you take a direct fight. However, in case you stall for some time and even if  you die, you might win the round for your team. And in Valorant, the first team to reach 13 rounds wins the game. 

The damage dealt and received can be any form of damage, including utility and abilities. 

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