QUIZ: How well do you know the VALORANT maps? cover image

QUIZ: How well do you know the VALORANT maps?

Want to improve your VALORANT ranking? See how much you really know about the VALORANT maps from callouts to strats.

VALORANT is a FPS that relies heavily on teamwork, strategy, and communication. You need to be able to quickly tell your teammates where you are and where enemies are spotted. You need to know the best way to utilize your abilities on each map to make the biggest impact.

The best way to master VALORANT is to understand its map pool inside and out. Every map has its own gimmick, layout, and strategies, meaning the more you study the maps, the better you can understand where to position yourself and how to talk strategy with your teammates on the fly.

Take our quiz to see just how well you know the maps in VALORANT!

Did you know as much as you thought about VALORANT's maps?

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