Enable SMS verification, play one rank placement match, and form a team to join others around the world in the VALORANT Premier open beta.

It is almost time for the VALORANT Premier global beta. The alpha test took place for Brazilian players and now Riot Games is ready to let the rest of the world take part. Read on and let esports.gg fill you in on what the mode is, details you need to know, and how exactly you can join the VALORANT Premier open beta.

What is VALORANT Premier?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

VALORANT Premier is an in-game competitive system. You and your friends are able to build a team and compete against others in pre-scheduled matches. Each week, your team will play divisional series, with the chance of making the Playoffs.

Everything is done directly in VALORANT itself. Roster building, match scheduling, and playing out those matches happen right through the Premier mode. Eventually, it will act as a path to the VCT Challengers tournament and the potential to reach the main VALORANT Champions Tour circuit.

Important things to know about the in-game mode

Riot Games has revealed several details about VALORANT Premier and its open beta. The important things to note are as follows:

  • VALORANT Premier open beta launches April 25 and goes until May 23
  • Enrollment is April 25-28 and matches take place April 29-May 20
  • Team owners select a zone after they enroll the team to determine what server to play on
  • VALORANT Premier seeds teams into 20 Divisions based on the MMR of the teams' five best players
  • There are no rank restrictions for teams, but players can only join one team
  • Teams play two matches per week, earning points to determine Playoff eligibility
  • A test tournament takes place on May 3 that is open for all VALORANT Premier players, but will not include rewards or affect standings
  • Official Playoff tournament matches take place on the final day of the VALORANT Premier open beta and will use a map pick-and-ban system like the pros
  • Playoff winners during the open beta receive a unique Player Card and Title
  • All players that join the VALORANT Premier open beta and play at least one match earn a Player Card and Title
  • Premier returns for another test phase in July and will receive a full launch after VCT Champions 2023
  • Match and team history will not transfer over to the full launch

It looks like Riot Games is going all out with the VALORANT Premier open beta. They have stated that they're still working on the final touches when it comes to creating a path to pro from the mode. Expect more details on that when the full version launches.

Requirements to join the VALORANT Premier open beta

Now that you know everything there is to know about the VALORANT Premier open beta, you're probably wondering how you can join. Joining the beta period is super simple. Riot Games simply requires three completed objectives for you to be eligible:

  • Enable and utilize SMS verification on your account
  • Completion of a ranked placement match in any VALORANT Act
  • The formation of a team of 5-7 players all with good account standing

Anyone can join the VALORANT Premier open beta as long as they follow the above requirements. There will be skill divisions for all kinds of players and you'll be able to show off your teamwork, strategies, mechanical prowess, and more come April 25. More questions regarding the beta have been answered on the official VALORANT website.

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