Your Valorant Flashback 2022 will arrive in your email if you opt-in to receive communications from Riot Games.

The year is coming to a close and recaps galore are being sent out. There's the PlayStation Wrap-Up, Spotify Wrapped, and Twitch Recap. That's just to name a few. One of the other recaps of the year FPS players are looking forward is the Valorant Flashback. Riot Games will show you how you fared during 2022, but you'll have to opt-in to receive it.

How to opt-in to receive your 2022 Valorant Flashback

The official Valorant Twitter account has gone over several year-end happenings for their popular shooter title. You'll find an Event Pass, the Night Market, and more in-game. Outside of the game, you can celebrate with the RE//LOAD stream or your 2022 statistics with Valorant Flashback.

Here are the steps Riot Games requires you to take to get your #VALFlashback:

  • Go to the official Riot Games account page in your web browser
  • Login with your Riot Games account that you play Valorant with
  • Select Communication Preferences on the left side of the Account Management screen
  • Check the Communication from Riot Games box to opt-in for your Valorant Flashback 2022

There are a couple of things to note when doing this. You won't only be allowing the Valorant Flashback 2022 to your email. You'll be giving Riot Games the okay to send you all kind of updates, offers, and news. You can easily go back and opt-out once you receive the Flashback for this year, however. Just follow the steps again, but uncheck the box in the last step.

As well, you can only opt-in for the Valorant Flashback 2022 edition prior to Dec. 26. That deadline could indicate the date of when Riot will start sending the Flashback emails to players. If you miss the cutoff, you're out of luck until next year.

Stay tuned to for more Valorant news and coverage.

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