There’s no better feeling than zooming past the ranks.

It’s an everyday struggle for players to rank up in VALORANT. You might feel you are the best player, often on top of the scoreboard. But you feel you’re not ranking up fast enough. While most players rank up one rank at a time, a few might be the recipients of the double rank up. Here’s how to Double Rank up in VALORANT and boast about it to your friends. 

How to Double Rank up in VALORANT?

The primary way to Double Rank up in VALORANT is to simply win as many games in a row as possible. Once you start winning multiple games in a row, and a good performance helps - the algorithm will notice your progress. There is a high chance you will Double Rank Up and then the algorithm will ensure further balances. This might mean ranking up or down depending on your performance. 

Double Rank up is beneficial for everyone concerned. Not only does it place you in matches against peers of a similar skill level, it will also ensure a fair match for your opponents. Imagine if you are a Bronze Player and are facing an opponent hitting shots like an Immortal. That will not be a pleasant experience and nor will it be a great welcome for beginners. 

What is Double Rank up in VALORANT

Double Rank up in VALORANT happens when you play exceptionally well. It signals to the VALORANT algorithm that you are significantly better than others in the server.  And that leads to the game promoting you two ranks at the same time. This is what is called a Double Rank Up in VALORANT.

The Double Rank Up mechanism is an excellent counter to Smurfing. Several other games regularly experience smurfing. For newcomers, facing off against smurfs is never a pleasant experience. 

Riot Game’s Double Rank up method ensures you are quickly placed in a skill level that is amenable to you. The system assesses your skill level via the internal MMR. There is no way at present to see your internal MMR. When the internal MMR is significantly higher than the displayed rank, it means you are in for a Double Rank up soon.

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